Silk is a very delicate fabric that is made by rearing silkworms. The fabric is super precious and that is the reason why we all make sure to wash it with utter care and precautions. While you can wash normal clothes the way you like, silk clothes need proper time and attention in order to be cleaned. And that is why most of us go ahead with getting our silk clothes dry cleaned instead of washing them on our own. So, stop spending so much on dry cleaning, just understand the wash care you need to take care of while washing silk clothes. Take a look at this easy guide and follow the steps to achieve perfection.

Basic Washing Guide To Wash Silk Clothes

Washing this luxurious fabric is definitely a big responsibility even if you are using the machine for the same.  Thus you must follow these instructions before actually washing silk.

Check Out The Label

washing silk

Clothes that need special treatment usually have a wash care label attached to the back of the neck or somewhere it cannot be seen easily. This label gives you the idea of how delicate and special the fabric you’re dealing with is. And seeing it you can go around things easily. If the label reads Dry Clean then it means that you should go for dry clean but a gentle and mild wash at home will also do no harm. Whereas Dry Clean Only means the fabric will not be good to wash at home and that you will have to take it to a professional only.

Sort Your Clothes

When it's to washing silk clothes, it is crucial to sort your laundry so as to avoid spoiling the grace and charm of the silk. Washing heavy clothing or just any other clothing except for silk should not be done. 

Use A Mesh Bag

In order to protect your silks you can also protect them by keeping them inside a mesh bag. This will make sure that the fabric is not subjected to any abrasive damage.

Do Not Overload The Machine

As we said, it is better to wash your silk clothes without any other clothes. Overloading the machine while washing it is not an option.

Add The Detergent

washing silk

Chemical-based detergents can harm the silk and weaken the fabric. You should thus wash the silks with a mild detergent or silk wash.  So, add this into the water and then put it in your silks inside the machine.

Start A Cycle

After throwing your silk clothes into the machine just start the machine and make it go very gently and delicately in easy and soft cycles.

Do Not Wring The Silk

washing silk

If you wring the silk fabric or use the machine dry to dry the clothes post washing them then permanent wrinkles could appear on your clothes.  So, wrap your silks in a towel to soak the excess water from them and dry them out.

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Hang In A Big Space

Idea is to make sure the whole fabric gets enough space therefore you can hang on a cloth line but do not crumble it together this may form permanent wrinkles. If you do want to be even more careful then go ahead and spread out your silk on a flat surface.  And there you’ve washed your silk successfully!

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