A lot of doubts pop in your head while you are in a relationship. There are times in your relationship when you feel like nothing is going right. You may have some issues with your partner but at times you don't feel like discussing them with anyone or finding a good advice is a tough task. To simplify it for you, here are some easy signs that will help you understand if your partner is right for you or not:

You Have Forgotten Yourself 

You have forgotten yourself

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You may love them with all your heart and are willingly ready to bring down the world to them but that doesn't really mean that you will forget yourself. Are you yourself with this person? If there is a sudden change in your personality when you are with them, then surely you aren't in the right relationship. If you are sacrificing your true self, your interests or dislikes, you are walking on the wrong path. 

You Don't See Your Future With Them

Are you sure about him? Have you made him meet your friends and family? If not, you yourself are not sure about him and having a future with him. Maybe you still don't understand them well enough to look up for your future with them. Whatever the reason be, find it out now!

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You Are Always Fighting With Them

You are always fighting

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Yes, good relationships do include occasional fights but they are occasional after all. If you two are constantly fighting, it is time that you rethink this relationship. Try to understand what makes you fight but even if that doesn't work, it's a red flag for your relationship. 

You Don't Know Each Other Well

Communication holds the foundation of any relationship and it helps you know each other well. Nothing can actually work well in your relationship till the time you communicate well. Relationships act as an emotional strength where you can share all your fears, thoughts with your partner. Your partner should be well aware of your needs and goals. If you two never get into serious conversations, talk about your needs or discuss your goals, you are landing at the wrong place. 

They Have No Respect For You 

Relationships work well only if you two have great respect for each other. You have two act like two equals while you are in this relationship. Any kind of physical, emotional or verbal abuse shouldn't be accepted at all. Don't forget your self-respect amid this relationship. 

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