You have been with him on a few dates but still not managed to figure out all about his personality. But well, there is an easy way to know more about him. His eating habits can speak loads about his nature and psyche. Here is how:

If He Eats Slow

eats slow

If he is a slow eater, he has a lot of patience and takes everything easy in life. He is not really in a hurry for things, he goes with the flow. It also indicates that he is very calm and confident. He lives in the present and is a good lover too.

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If He Eats Fast

 eats fast

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Studies suggest that people who eat fast are extremely goal-oriented. They work really hard for their ambition. They think a lot about their future and are always rushing towards achieving their goals. If he eats fast, he can be impatient at times but he is also someone who keeps looking for something new every now and then.

If He Likes To Experiment

There are some people who have to eat something different everytime they go outside to eat. These people like trying new food items or drinks every single time. This means that he loves taking risks and enjoys exploring things as they come. He can also expect his partner to take risks.

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If He Is Picky With Food

Picky eaters who feel it’s a task to even choose from a wide array of food options live in their own comfort zone. They look for partners for a serious relationship. They don't settle for less, they crave for things that aren't easily achievable.

If He Eats With Perfection

 eats with perfection

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If he eats neatly with perfection, he is very good at observation. He is very organised and likes things his way. He is also a great lover!

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