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7 Signs That Indicate Your Friendship Is Getting Stronger

Good friendships can make happy times even more enjoyable and difficult situations more manageable.
Published -18 Jun 2022, 02:22 ISTUpdated -19 Jun 2022, 16:23 IST
signs of stronger friendship

Being surrounded by good friends can make life happier and less stressful. It ensures that you will always have someone by your side, in both good and bad times.  From dancing crazily on your favourite tunes to crying over heartbreaks, every experience is enhanced by such friends.

Take a look at the signs that indicate you and your friend have a good bond that is only getting stronger.

1. Rescuing Each Other Out Of Sticky Situations

friends rescue Each Other Out Of Sticky Situations

Has your friend ever rescued you from a bad date or your parent's scolding by making some excuse? If yes, you have a wonderful friend that you should treasure. If they help you in such difficult situations, there's a good possibility they'll be there for you at all times.

2. No Judgements

no judgement in friendship

You can talk about anything and everything with your friends without any fear of judgment. 

It's an unsaid rule of friendship that you may judge other people's choices together but you cannot judge each other. :p

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3. Regular Memes Exchange

Meme exchange is an essential part of friendship. If your friend knows what kind of memes you enjoy and keep sharing such memes with you, it’s a green flag in friendship.

4. Sticking Together Through Thick And Thin

friends stick together Through Thick And Thin

Not just in good times, if your friend is sticking with you even while you are going through a difficult period, it’s an indication of good friendship. You will find them near you during illness, breakups, and even financial difficulties.

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5. More Excited About Your Achievements

Every time you achieve something, if your friend is cheering louder for you and showing genuine feelings, you have a jewel of a friend. It's natural to feel competitive when someone achieves more than you, but if your friend is truly happy, you should consider yourself lucky to have them.

6. Believe In Each Other

Even when the world says otherwise, if your friend is believing in you for something, it’s a wonderful feeling, indicating a strong bond. 

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7. Respecting Boundaries

It's important to recognise and respect boundaries. Everyone has some set boundaries, and if your friend understands them, it indicates that they understand you well. In every relationship, this is a good thing.

What kind of bond do you share with your best friend? Share your thoughts with us by commenting on our Facebook page.

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