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    Foes To Friends: Throwback To Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla's Journey In Bigg Boss 13

    When Sidharth Shukla was inside the Bigg Boss house, he had a mix of sweet and sour moments with housemate Rashami Desai.
    Published -31 Jan 2020, 10:36 ISTUpdated -02 Sep 2021, 14:13 IST
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    As we remember Sidharth Shukla today, we thought of taking you back to the time when Sidharth Shukla was making headlines for his stint on Bigg Boss 13. His cute chemistry with Shehnaaz Gill and fights with Rashami Desai on Bigg Boss 13 became the talk of the town back then.

    Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla were at loggerheads when they entered the Bigg Boss house this season. The two were never on good terms on the show. However, when the finale was around the corner, the two became friends. For those who don't know, Sidharth and Rashami were good friends when the two starred in their last show, Dil Se Dil Tak. However, a lot of things happened on the sets on the sets of the show that the co-stars stopped talking to each other. 

    Inside the Bigg Boss house, Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai had ugly fights, shared emotional moments and a lot more. Here is how their equation evolved on the show. Read on. 

    Where It All Started 

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    Rashami and Sidharth knew each other from outside the Bigg Boss house and the two talked about their bitter relationship with their co-contestants once they were on the show. While Sidharth said all the rumours about his misbehaviour on the sets of the show were fake and spread by Rashami, the latter accused him of touching her inappropriately on their last show. 

    Serving Burnt Paratha

    Just when we thought things would become better between the two, Rashami gave Sidharth a burnt paratha. Sidharth asked Rashami about it and she said the jeera sent by the team isn't good and this is why he is feeling the paratha is burnt. Sidharth called it an excuse. He said, "she can lie from her nose."

    'Aisi Ladki' Episode

    One of the most talked about episodes, this is where it all became ugly. It started when Asim and Paras were having a fight and Mahira and Rashami intervened. Rashami fought with Sidharth and called him a gundaa. She then also threw a cup of tea on him. Arhaan Khan intervened and then got physical with Sidharth. Sidharth then started calling her 'aisi ladki' which clearly didn't go well with her. 

    Rashami wanted a justification for his comment. Even the host Salman Khan failed to calm Rashami down. That's when Sidharth told he meant to say Rashami Desai jaisi ladki.

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    Digging Out The Past

    After entering the Bigg Boss house, the two talked about their past a couple of times. However, Sidharth took it to another level by revealing about their past on a Weekend Ka Vaar episode. When Rashami asked him why he dug out about their past on the show, he said if he should remind her how many times they got along outside this show. Sidharth then complained that it is Rashami who brings outside conversations inside the house. He said, "Peeche peeche aa gayi thi Goa tak" and left. 

    BB Family Task

    family task

    During the family task, Rashami Desai was seen crying after Sidharth's mother left. She said everyone's parents are coming to meet them and she too was expecting someone. That's when Sidharth asked her what happened and fed her water. 

    Recommended Video

    When Rashami's nephew and niece entered the house, they asked Sidharth and Rashami to become friends once again and the two took it all sportingly. 

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    The Flirting

    In one of the episodes recently, Sidharth and Rashami were seen flirting. Rashami asked Sidharth why he is suddenly showing concern towards her. She said, "..Tu mere dimaag mein chal raha hai." She also told him that she can't understand him taking care of her, being nice to her. Sidharth then tells Rashami that he is used to taking care of her. 

    Foes Become Friends 


    In the last episode we saw Rashami and Sidharth recreating Vishal and Madhurima's famous pan fight. We could see their friendship, an unusual chemistry as they rehearsed for it.

    We will indeed miss seeing Sidharth Shukla on screen. What is your favourite memory of Sidharth Shukla? Share with us on our Facebook page. 

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