Bigg Boss 13 Fans Want Bigg Boss Makers To #StopDegradingRashami On The Show, On Twitter

Here is why fans are supporting Rashami Desai on social media.

Kishori Sud
stop degrading rashmi

With the Bigg Boss 13 grand finale date approaching (Feb end) fans are becoming restless. With very few contestants left in the house, a number of plots are brewing, tasks are becoming interesting and new characters are stepping inside the house for increasing the TRPs. All participants or contestants are trying to pull each other down, degrade the other and to what limits. But this time the latest episode made fans of actress and contestant Rashami Desai truly angry which led to a trending hashtag on Twitter #StopDegradingRashami. 

The fans believe that the makers are degrading Rashami. The roots of this hashtag and wave sprouted when during a task things got out of hand between her and Sidarth Shukla and many felt that the actress was being bullied unnecessarily by the latter. 

January 30, 2020

While one user tweeted: "He is not even flirting .. He is demeaning her every now and then... Even in front of guests .. Just shows how insecure and obsessed he is from #RashmiDesai .. Loving the way she is handling it ", another user wrote: "Playing a fair game is much more satisfying and fun than winning in a game which gave you an unfair advantage P.S. I can’t get over how pretty Rashami looks in this white dress. #StopDegradingRashami"


Here are some more tweets that are pretty interesting, proving the crazy fan following Rashami has created via the show. 

One user vented out at the makers that all are playing games so why is Rashami being highlighted? She wrote: "Every contestants in house backbite behind each other than why is only Rashmi visible!! Where’s the other contestants scene/footage? Why is Bigg Boss ".

A user also highlighted the fact how Rashami has helped Arti Singh in the house. She wrote: "Rashami has been there for Arti when she had panic attacks and also she samjahoed Paras when he said something wrong to Arti which did not sound rice. Rash was there for Arti."


There is now a cut-throat competition between the contestants left in the house. It got spicier when Shehnaaz Kaur Gill's brother Shehbaaz and Kashmira Shah entered the house for a day or two. 

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