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    Should You Or Should You Not Allow Your Dogs Inside Your Bedroom?

    Most commonly pet dogs are seen sleeping along with their owners on their beds at night. See what effect it has on you and your dog.
    Updated at - 2020-12-08,12:11 IST
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    Sleeping with your dog was a tradition that was developed in Alaska where people used to sleep with as many dogs as possible to combat the cold and treacherous nights and so that both, the humans and the dogs would remain warm. Talking about the current scenarios, it has been a topic of debate about whether dogs should be allowed to sleep with you or not. According to certain surveys around 50 percent of people have shared their bed with their pets at least once.

    Sleeping with your dogs gives you a feeling of warmth and coziness. While there could also be some negative impacts on some people and also your pets. Let's take a look at some facts concerning this topic.

    Sleeping With Your Dog Might Help you Fight Depression

    sleep with dog

    It has been found through some studies that people who sleep with their dogs are less vulnerable to depression. It happens because dogs' presence increases the flow of oxytocin which is a body chemical related to love. It has been observed that when dogs sleep their brain waves are synchronized with those of the owner and their hearts also beat together. Moreover when the owner and the dogs sleep closely their sleep quality and stage are exactly the same. Further, sleeping with dogs helps in overcoming insomnia by controlling anxiety and modifying hyperarousal and hypervigilance. Dogs also help people in fighting with nightmares and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by giving you their warm presence. 

    You Sleep Quality Increases When You Sleep With Your Pet

    sleep with dog

    Have you ever been feeling like you are alone? Try sleeping with a pet. They fill up for the place of the heart that feels empty and makes you keep thinking. Their unconditional love acts as therapy and your mind comes down to settle at a peaceful frequency. Due to this, you get peaceful and deep sleep which means your quality of sleep gets better. Apart from that, this also helps in improving your dog’s sleeping efficiency. And they grow better when they sleep well. Most dogs have the habit of waking up early in the morning and when you sleep with your dog, your sleep patterns also become absolutely perfect as you have to take them for morning walks, so you also wake up early and sleep early, too. This is actually very greatly beneficial for your health too. Close contact with dogs while sleeping may have been liked to reduce your blood pressure level and keep it from spiking tremendously.

    It Is Great For Your Heart Too

    sleep with dog

    Sleeping with your dog helps to strengthen your relationship with him. It builds his trust in you and helps him settle down in the new home(here's how to make dog treats at home). soon. Further, it has been observed in certain researches that sleeping with dogs paves the way to a healthy heart. Although some doubted that dogs might bring in some allergies in recent studies it was observed that they bring a very small amount of allergies which lead you to develop antibiotic wall towards them so that improves your immunity too.

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    Keep Some Things In Mind While Sleeping With Your Dogs

    sleep with dog

    • Set boundaries- if you usually don't sleep with your dog or you are new to sleeping with him. First, set their boundaries beyond which they should not be allowed. 
    • Don't allow aggression- aggressive dogs might hurt you while sleeping, so try to avoid sleeping with your dog if he is aggressive.
    • New dogs should not be allowed- only allow if you are familiar with your dog. New dogs may not be comfortable while sleeping with you which may also lead to disturbance in sleep.
    • If you have light sleep- light sleepers avoid any kind of disturbance while sleeping. Dogs might disturb you so need to be a little careful and comfortable while making them sleep with you.
    • Hygiene- always clean him before allowing him to enter bed.
    • Take them out- if you don't want any kind of mess in your bed(how to train your pet puppy), then make sure that his system is clear so you don't have to run as soon as you wake up.
    • Regular checkups- try to visit the doctor frequently so to make sure that any of you might not have any kind of health issue.

    Therefore sleeping with a dog, is considered to be really helpful both for your mental and physical health but there need to be some lines which neither you nor your dog must be allowed to cross.

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