Every bond has its soul in trust. It could be a marital relation or any other bond it will live till the time both the parties trust each other. In today's day and age, we see many marriages falling apart and the most common reason is found out to be that one partner is having an extramarital affair.

Jeevika Sharma, Guidance Counsellor and Tarot Card Reader, told HerZindagi that "now, everyone knows that when you are married you need to be committed to your partner only and, your eyes and your mind should never falter. But, it is seldom discussed that why people get into an extramarital relation. It is important to first know the root cause behind this treachery."

Here are some reasons listed by her, why a person would choose to cheat on their partner:

Loose Morals

A majority of the times when a person is unfaithful to their spouse is because of a weak or undeveloped moral compass. They are not mature and responsible enough to be in a committed relationship.



This is a case of an eye for an eye. When a person finds out that their spouse is cheating on them by being in an extramarital relation they plan to take revenge. And, the only way to take their revenge they find is to get into an extramarital relation themselves. Even though it seems senseless but, it is the motivation sometimes.

Fear Of Confrontation


Some people when comported with a problem in their married life choose to ignore and find comfort outside. They don't talk to their spouse but seek solace in the arms of someone else.

Inferiority Complex

Now, this is a problem more commonly found in men. When a guy gets married they are made to feel inferior if they are faithful to their wife. So, to paint a false picture of superiority some men get into extramarital relations only to prove that they are the alpha.

In some women, it is found when they think they need to prove (to themselves) that they still have the charm to lure any man and be pursued by them.

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Societal Acceptance

When married people with lose morals find around them that there are many who are cheating their spouse and, assume that being in an extramarital relation is normal they gather the courage to do the same. Basically, they copy others.

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Monetary Gain

Even though this trope is associated more with women but, there are an equal number of men if not more, who get into an extramarital relation for monetary benefits. It is either for monetary gains or a position of power.

There are some of the reasons why some people get into extramarital relations.

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