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Ramcharitmanas: Things To Keep In Mind During Recital At Home

Follow these rules by astrologer if you want to recite Ramcharitmanas at home.
Published -14 Feb 2022, 11:34 ISTUpdated -14 Feb 2022, 11:50 IST
amcharitmanas rules main

Ramcharitmanas is a religious text and if you recite it regularly and worship with a sincere heart, then all your wishes will be fulfilled. Every doha and chaupai written in it has a different significance and meaning. The words in the holy text reflect the truth of life. 

It is believed that if Ramcharitmanas is recited regularly in your house, then there can never be any problems in your house. Also, the minds of the people in the house will be pure. 

The recitation of this holy book paves the way to salvation. Ramcharitmanas is the story of the life of Lord Rama and Ravana. This book inspired us to achieve victory by moving forward continuously. 

All the chaupais of this holy book frees us from our troubles. However, it is necessary to follow some rules while reciting Ramcharitmanas so that there are no negative effects. Let us know from Life Coach and Astrologer Sheetal Shaparia that if you recite Ramcharitmanas at home, then what rules should be followed. 

Rules Of Reciting Ramcharitmanas Regularly

recite amcharitmanas rules

In many homes, Ramcharitmanas is recited regularly. Some rules should be followed while reciting this as it will directly affect your life. The rules that must be followed are as follows. 

  • Before reciting Ramcharitmanas, take a stool and cover it with a beautiful cloth. Now, put the idol of Lord Ram on the stool. 
  • First of all invoke Lord Hanuman and invite him to Ram Katha. It is believed that it is necessary to invoke Lord Hanuman before worshipping Lord Ram. This way you will get positive results of your worship. 
  • After invoking Lord Hanuman, start the recitation of Ramcharitmanas by invoking Lord Ganpati
  • Recite Ramcharitmanas as far as you can, then pause and do the aarti of Ramayana. 
  • Ramcharitmanas should be recited daily with pure body and mind. By doing this, one can get freedom from all his sins. 

Rules For Reciting The Entire Ramcharitrmanas 

Read Ramcharitmanas For 24 Hours

Astrologer Sheetal Shaparia tells us that if you are reciting the entire Ramcharitmanas, then it should be read continuously for 24 hours. To avoid any inconvenience during this lesson, all the preparations should be done in advance and all the materials should be made available. 

Place The Deities

Before starting the recitation of Ramcharitmanas, install the idols of all the deities on a platform facing east. Keep Tulsi leaves at the place of worship. Install idols of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. In front of the idol of Lord Rama, place a kalash with water and a pile of rice. 

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kalash amcharitmanas rules

When you are reciting Akhand Ramcharitmanas, place five mangoes or betel leaves in the mouth of the kalash and cover it with coconut. Tie the thread of molly on the coconut as well as the kalash. 

Make a swastik and five points on the kalash with kumkum. Keep betel nut, clove, cardamom, sugar candy and other offerings on one side. On the other side, keep fruits, flowers and bhog. 


At the end of the recitation of Ramcharitmanas, all the devotees should perform the aarti together with devotion and after the aarti, perform the havan. The recitation of Ramcharitmanas is considered successful only if the priest performs havan after aarti. 

After the puja is completed, the bhog must be served to the brahmins and the prasad is handed over to the rest of the devotees. 

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Things To Keep In Mind

  • If Ramcharitmanas is recited in your house, then you should avoid the consumption of meat and liquor. 
  • Do not fight in the house where Ramcharitmanas is recited. 
  • Never recite with an impure body and mind.
  • Do not insult the woman who recites Ramcharitmanas. 

One should recite Ramcharitmanas by following all the rules mentioned here so that you can get rid of all the sins and fulfil all your wishes. 

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