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Weekly Numerology Prediction From February 12 To February 18

Read your numerology prediction for the coming week!
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Published -13 Feb 2022, 11:54 ISTUpdated -13 Feb 2022, 12:10 IST
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With the new week all set to mark its beginning, here's how the stars are aligned for you. We are sure you are curious to know what this week has in store for you. 

Number 1

This week you are feeling stuck or restricted in your life. Health issues seem to be out of control. There could be one after one problem on the health front. You need to analyse why you are feeling this way and work to release yourself from these restrictions. You need an emotional release from whatever it is that is leaving you feeling stuck. Professionally, you are in an enjoying mood and want to have blast. You spend some time to pamper yourself and to feel good and look good. Money is not a problem, earning will be good. This is a good time for home décor and spending on the domestic renovation. On the relationship front, messages of love and affection are likely to be coming your way. If you are single, a new suitor with whom you have a lot in common may come into your life.

Lucky number: 30

Lucky colour: Green

Lucky day: Thursday

Number 2

This week you are extraordinarily active on a mental level. You may feel that your inner mind is working overtime. You find that your drive to make things happen is ignited. Your analytical and reasoning powers are very strong, and you will not listen to others. You think what you say or what you do is right. Don’t find faults in others. On the career front, some good news is on the cards. An out of the blue opportunity may surprise you. Your focussed attitude will help you to sail through difficult times. Avoid work politics. Deceit, clashes could be experienced this week in love matters. You could ruin the very things that you want the most such as close, intimate relationships with your friends and lover. Lack of communication & understanding could be harmful at this point.

Lucky number: 28

Lucky colour: Orange

Lucky day: Tuesday

Number 3

This week you can solve many problems with your wisdom. With your experience and maturity, you could be able to take hold of your life. Instead of being innovative, you will need to adapt to the existing set of beliefs and systems that are already in place. Any new theory doesn’t suit you this week. You must follow the orthodox approach. On the career front, you may be your own worst enemy. How you speak your mind is as important as what you say. There may be some unfairness at play in your work world. Be sure that your behaviour is impeccable. Try to cut your unnecessary expenses any further. If you’re already in a committed relationship the clear message is that trust is crucial. If you’re feeling suspicious for some reason about your partner, make a point to talk about this even if it’s difficult.

Lucky number: 14

Lucky colour: Brown

Lucky day: Wednesday


Number 4

This week you are a quiet and keen observer. A positive outlook will change your perception of life. You feel healthier than ever. Spirituality and things will be moving along well, and you’ll be feeling hopeful about the future. You may have to decide whether to put your energy into the things, people, and situations that you already are involved with. On the career front, you want your time and space and be in isolation for a while. You feel exhausted and tired. The trauma of losing your job financial and health worries is overpowering you. You find most of the answers in your isolation talking to yourself. This is also not the time to make decisions. The beginning of love, happiness and compassion is on the card. The start of a new relationship, be it a friendship or a romance will bring a smile to your face.

Lucky number: 10

Lucky colour: Camel brown

Lucky day:  Sunday

Number 5

Running away from reality does not suit your personality. If you are dealing with a health problem, then consult a doctor outside your vicinity. A change in environment will rejuvenate your health. Do not stress over unnecessary issues, it will not make any difference to the situation instead it will harm your health. On the career front, you are ready to confront any unfinished business in your life. You are decisive and determined. You have reviewed your past experiences and have learned from them. All the pieces of the puzzle of your life are finally coming together to form one. On the personal front, it is good to listen to your mind than your heart. You find that your drive to make things happen is ignited. At home, your domineering attitude could make others irritated, and you may be left alone. Listen more and say less.

Lucky number: 12

Lucky colour: White

Lucky day: Monday

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Number 6

Overall health remains good. You feel energetic and enthusiastic. Sometime back the efforts put into health regimen are now starting to come to fruition. There is a need for new things like better nutrition, new approaches, and new ideas. You are filled with positive energy throughout the week. Those who have recovered from serious ailment must do the follow-through. On the career front, if you are involved in any sort of competition then you are advised to keep a close eye out for any cheating. The bottom line is basically to cover your tail, make sure you are doing things the right way, and then you’ll have nothing to worry about. You are not very vocal in a relationship. Express yourself to those you love by saying loving words. Your introvert and individual persona do not help you to get closer to someone you love.

Lucky number: 31

Lucky colour: Red

Lucky day: Wednesday                                          

Number 7 

This week you will enjoy happiness, good health, and worldly pleasures. You tend to be enthusiastic and will carefully weigh and consider what others ask you now. You will get inspired by everything around you. Connecting to Yoga, meditation cosmic healing learning new interests is on the card. Professionally, there is a rift in the mind, regarding the two choices. You must choose between work & entertainment. This is the time to check out your priorities and responsibilities. You should make decisions for better work conditions and outputs. If you want to push for improved working conditions, stay away from tension and stress. Don’t let negative forces bother you. On the personal front, look hard at yourself and analyse whether you are being realistic with regard to love. Don’t spend too much time in self-pity or wishing your life away.

Lucky number: 13

Lucky colour: Turquoise

Lucky day: Friday

inside      T.

Number 8

This week you are thinking on the lines of self-improvement. Plan some creative activity and get yourself busy to avoid stress. The tension you have been experiencing off-lately should be eased off. Don’t hesitate to share your feelings with trusted ones or ask for help from them. Professionally, this is a very good time to start planning long term. Where do you want to be in the coming 5 years? How will you make it happen? Focus on your skills and potential. You have great expectations from life and are happy about the surprises it often brings. The investments you made in the past is likely to be returning to you with interest. An existing relationship may suffer due to a lack of understanding. Think calmly and carefully about what your limitations are in a relationship.

Lucky number: 20

Lucky colour: Sky Blue

Lucky day: Friday

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Number 9                                                

This is a good week, and you enjoy it at all levels. You will encounter new experiences and welcoming hosts who will embrace you and invite you into their world. Everything is starting to fall into place, and you can be one with the situation. On the career level, an enhanced status, promotion, or designation is on the card. This week you are very sound and grounded therefore you are likely to take important decisions related to your career or relationship. You are hardworking and focused. Expect some stressful moments this week. Your abundance of energy and self-confidence will give you a boost to move ahead. On the personal front, you are charged up with some extra energy. You have great clarity on a situation and can now argue your case with the view to come out victorious.

Lucky number: 10

Lucky colour: Silver

Lucky day: Saturday

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