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    Expert Reveals How Caring Is Your Sibling As Per Zodiac Signs

    This Raksha Bandhan 2021, Find out whether your brother or sister is caring and how they express as per zodiac signs as listed by expert!
    Updated at - 2021-08-10,12:02 IST
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    With Raksha Bandhan 2021 fast approaching on August 22, you must be planning a safe get-together, buying gifts and rakhis for your brothers and sisters. Amid all this here are some fun facts revealed as per your zodiac signs. With the help of Tarot Card Reader Jeevika Sharma who is also a guidance counselor, here is a list of zodiac signs and how caring are their siblings in general. 


    aries siblings

    Aries have good and caring siblings. They guide them well whenever there is a need.


    taurus sibling

    You will receive some amount of care from your sibling/s as they will always be concerned about your well-being. But, if you expect any help from them whenever you need it the most then it is advised that you keep your expectations at bay because they won’t be able to provide much help in your matters. There might come some occasions where this concern could be fake as well.


    Gemini usually has cared a sibling/s if they have one. Their sibling/s prefer to care in the form of gifts or by spending a good amount of money on you. This is the method your sibling chooses to show that they care about you.


    cancer siblings

    Sibling/s of people born in the Cancer zodiac do care for them and it is largely due to their caring nature in general. They do not like to do anything extra to prove the fact that they care for you. It’s just their nature that gets reflected.


    leo siblings

    It is hardly ever that Leo’s have a caring sibling/s if they have one. Generally, Leo’s will find that their sibling/s are busy in their own life and have no desire to spend money on you. Your sibling/s will often keep to themselves and whatever amount of money they spend it will rarely be for you. 


    Virgo generally has a caring sibling/s. Your sibling/s will show that they care by taking care of your day-to-day needs. They won't shy from extending a helping hand whenever you need one. Your sibling/s would even be willing to do your work for you if you ask them.


    Libra is lucky to have caring sibling/s. Their sibling/s like to pamper them a lot by buying them many gifts, taking them for an outing or taking care of their daily needs.


    If a Scorpion has a sibling/s then it is common that their sibling/s are more into showing off their wealth and the different avenues to spend their wealth. They prefer to show care by spending a lot on you. They like to make their efforts count.

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    When Sagittarius have a sibling/s then they usually get into a fight with their sibling/s more often than one would imagine. Their sibling/s do not care for them. Their sibling/s may choose to spend a huge amount of money to show their status but, it cannot be equated to the fact that they care. They are absorbed in themselves to be bothered about you.


    Capricorns are among the zodiacs who are usually unfortunate and do not have a caring sibling. Their sibling/s are mostly in a confused state. They are ever unsure about their actions and are unaware of the way how they should show their love and care.


    Aquarius should consider themselves to be in the list where good fortune resides. If they have a sibling/s then it will be the case that their sibling/s will care for them greatly. If an Aquarius has a sibling/s they would be showered by love and care and receive precious items as gifts.

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    pisces sibling


    You could find your sibling/s showing care for you but, they would do this by looking after you. Or, by helping you whenever you need their assistance or whenever you need some help in general. They might not give you expensive gifts which you might expect from them but, it should not be misconstrued as their lack of care. Your sibling/s if you have one do care about you but, they have their own way to show it.

    Are your siblings like that? 
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