When it comes to renovating your homes, many people tend to resist the idea of having wallpapers as a part of the decor in their house. However, most of the reasons are myths that are just not clear enough. Madhur Goel, Founder, Stenna has listed few of them that need to be busted right now. 

Myth 1: Wallpaper Gathers Dust Easily

This is usually the most heard myth about wallpapers.  Wallpapers are designed carefully so you will notice that there are no horizontal spaces to collect dust. This gives your home a fresh look and gives it a tidy finish as well. 

Myth 2: Wallpapers Are Permanent


This is a common myth that wallpapers cannot be removed and that they are a permanent feature. There are in fact many ways to remove or change the wallpaper. Your walls do not take a hit or get spoilt because of the removal.

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Myth 3: High Installation Cost

Another usual myth that surrounds wallpapers is that they are expensive and that their installation will cost a bomb. Well, that is not all true. It all depends on the size of the wall and the type of wallpaper you are investing in. There are a lot of affordable options in the market now. Some brands provide an end-to-end service, from their installation to cost cover purchase, adhesives, labor, etc.

Myth 4: Wall Needs Smoother Texture For Installation

wallpaper two

Walls don’t need a smoother texture for installation. There is no extra effort that goes into installing wallpapers. As soon as they are smooth and absorb water, it’s all sorted. Some wallpapers are made specifically to suit every texture except for glass and metal as they do not absorb water.

Myth 5: Wallpapers Are Not Fire-Resistant

This one is among the biggest myths out there. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Wallpapers stop the fire from spreading. In case of fire, they are usually charred. Even if they are applied on a wooden surface, some wallpapers are fire-resistant.

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Myth 6: Wallpapers Peel-Off Easily

wallpaper three

It is a very wrong idea that many individuals have.  Wallpapers are very much durable and they do not tear off easily. The adhesive that is used to make them are water-based, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. These home décor accents are no longer made the way they were ages back using a fragile paper which would not last more than a few months in today’s time given the climatic changes etc. The wallpapers made now can last for a long time depending upon the quality.  

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Myth 7: Wallpapers Heat Up The Room

It is quite the opposite in reality. Wallpapers promote the cooling of the room. They are made of vinyl which repels heat. 

Today, wallpapers have become a style quotient in modern houses. They are user-friendly and convenient.  They do not require constant care and are easy to clean and maintain. They are as durable as paints and come in such lovely designs to accommodate different kinds of tastes. 

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