If you have ever tried bowling you might know difficult the game is and that it requires the proper calculation of the force you have to throw the ball with, at what angle and when. For most people, the game is not so easy. But you might be wondering why we are talking about bowling all of a sudden, well the reason behind it is the viral video that is flooding the internet with comments and filling our feed on social media. With almost everyone talking about it, here’s what the video was all about. Read on for more.

Video Posted On Twitter

viral dadi

The video we are talking about is about an old lady rocking the bowling alley with effortless ease. It was shared on the microblogging website Twitter by the lady’s grandson,  Sudarshan Krishnamurthy. 

Sharing the video he wrote, "Hi Twitter, please appreciate my grandma bowling a strike in her saree, and then proceeding to ensure her mask covers her nose#QueenShit if you ask me!” The video has now received over 4.7 million views and is still trending not only on Twitter but also on other social media platforms.

More About The Video 


The video is a 15 seconds clip where the grandmother is seen swinging her arms and striking all the pins at the bowling alley, she then stays to watch all the pins fall and turns around settling her mask, while the funniest part remains her reaction to her nailing the bowling game, where she swiftly lifts her shoulders and smiles away.

Pay More Attention To Details

viral dadi

The video is not only just about an old woman bowling but there are several layers to it when you see it with more attention.  You will notice that the old lady is breaking stereotypes in her own way. When you talk about old Indian women a picture of a helpless woman with white is pretty much what we imagine.

But this lady right here is redefining the norms and definitions of being old, along with that she is also inspiring us to write our own destiny with the belief that dreams never expire. Furthermore, last but not the least, the lady is seen bowling in a saree, which is usually considered to be uncomfortable clothing for such sports.

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How Users Appreciated The Granny

“What I love is her expression after, with palm upturned questioningly, as if asking ‘what’s the big deal that you young’uns are making of it?”, wrote one user in the comments.

"This made my day! Cool cool! And Nani is walking back like- what's the big deal!" wrote another one.

"What I love is her expression after, with palm upturned questioningly, as if asking "what's the big deal that you young'uns are making of it"?  Hope this sets off a trend of grandmas crowding bowling alleys. Can't think of a better "New India" look! Plus it's a family activity." was what another user said.

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