May 2022 Numerology Prediction By Expert

Will May 2022 a smooth month for you or will it be packed with challenges? Read your numerology prediction.

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We will soon step into the 5th month of this new year. We are sure a lot of you must be wondering what the new month of the year will look like. Will it be a month full of challenges or it will be a smooth ride? Well, we can all know about our future with Astrological and Numerological predictions. We spoke to our Numerologist Dr. Shefali Garg and asked her to share her Numerology predictions for May 2022.

Number 1

Those born on the 1st, 19th, and 28th fall under number 1. Lord Sun is the ruling planet of number 1. This month, you should focus on the tasks which you failed to work on previously. Try to figure out what is not working for you. Also, keep a balance between your personal and professional life as much as you can.

  • One big concern for you in the coming month can be that you don't get results according to the efforts you put in.
  • You will be busy with your work but make sure you take out some time for your relationships.
  • Pay a lot of attention to your diet in the coming month. Try to eat healthy food as much as possible.
  • Draw number 1 on a paper and place it near you, on your work desk or phone.

Number 2

Number 2 is the birth number of those born on 2, 11, 20, and 29. This is the month you should speak less and do more. Keep all your focus on work this coming month. This time, you will get the fruits of your hard work. However, you will have to take each step very carefully. Also, quit trusting people very quickly.

  • It is important you pay attention to your health in the coming month. There are chances that you may get diagnosed with a chronic disease.
  • A lot of new opportunities will come your way, so be prepared.
  • Avoid getting into arguments with your partner.
  • Number 2 is ruled by Moon. Silver represents Moon. It is advised to wear silver or keep a small piece of silver with you all the time.

Number 3

numerology  may

Guru or Brihaspati is the Lord of number 3. Natives born on 3, 12, 21, and 30 fall under number 3. This month, you will get to see mixed results for almost everything. It is not a great month to start anything new. Continue with your old projects and put your maximum efforts into them.

  • Be cautious with your co-workers in the office. Focus on your work. You might get a promotion this month.
  • Try to spend more time with your partner and repair your relationship.
  • To keep yourself away from stress, spend some time alone, meditating. Also, keep a check on your weight. You might gain weight in the coming month and it can be problematic for you in the coming months.
  • Keep a small piece of brass with you at all times.

Number 4

If you are born on 4, 13, 22, and 31, your birth number is 4.

In the coming month, you will get new opportunities. However, luck might not be in your favour. There can be tough days in the coming month but they can go well if you strike that balance between your personal and professional life. Make sure you take advice from your close ones before making any decisions.

  • In the coming month, there are chances you get a promotion at work.
  • Financially, things will improve for you. You might get new opportunities to make money.
  • There can be some disputes in the family which can lead to stress.
  • Health-wise, things will get better for you since you will get rid of any old diseases.
  • Donate something to the needy this month.

Number 5

Those who are born on the 5th, 14th, or 23rd of the month fall under number 5. Mercury is the Lord of number 5. If you fall under number 5, you need to be cautious this month. You might take the wrong decision which can be stressful for you later.

  • This month, things will be normal for you financially. You might not get the kind of promotion you were expecting at the workplace. Also, it is not a great time to switch your job.
  • Your relationship with your partner will get stronger in the coming month. Your partner will always be there to support you.
  • Make sure you aren't careless about your health. Rest as much as you can.
  • Green is the lucky colour for you in the coming month. Wear it as much as possible.

Number 6

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Those born on 6, 15, or 24 of any month are number 6. Lord Venus is the ruling planet of natives falling under number 6. In the coming month, you might get attracted by someone. Work wise, things might not be great. You might not be able to complete your tasks on time. However, luck will be in your favour. Things will start to get on track because of your luck factor. Try to identify who is with you and who is not.

  • It is important you try to understand people at the workplace. If you feel someone's company is affecting your work, immediately distance yourself from them and get back to concentrating on your work. Professionally, you will be able to do good and get great results.
  • There are chances that you get to travel in the coming month.
  • Those falling under numbers 4 and 8 will be helpful for you. However, you are aware of people falling under number 1.
  • To prevent any health-related issues, stop eating outside.
  • If you are planning some auspicious work, keep it for Wednesday.

Number 7

If born on 7, 16, or 25, you are number 7 as per Numerology. In May 2022, you will be able to make better decisions than before and get good results out of it. At the workplace, you will be able to manage a lot of tricky things with your intelligence. This will surely help you make an impact on your team members. A lot of opportunities will come your way which will prove to be beneficial.

  • It is important for you to keep a strict check on your health this month. Eat healthy food.
  • With your good work, you will be able to win everyone's heart. There are chances of you getting a good promotion.
  • Along with work, make sure you take out time for your family too. Spend some quality time with them.
  • Draw number 7 on a piece of paper and keep it around you. Try to see it as much as you can.

Number 8

Those born on 8, 17, 26 of any month are ruled by the number 8 as per Numerology.

Those who fall under number 8 are quite courageous. They do not fear working hard. However, in the coming month, you might feel a little disappointed because you might not get the results for all the hard work you put in. This will keep you stressed. Healthwise too, things will not be great.

  • Do not neglect your health, consult a doctor immediately if you are suffering from any issue. Do Yoga to keep your mind calm.
  • Your opponents will try to dominate you at the workplace so make sure you do everything very carefully. But try to keep your personal and professional life separate.
  • Surround yourself with natural, soothing fragrances to keep calm during the month.

Number 9

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Natives born on 9, 18 or 27 of any month fall under number 9. People who fall under number 9 are believed to be dedicated and kind. If you have been helping people around you considering they are your own, you will be disappointed. You will get quite hurt in the coming month. Make sure you don't trust anyone.

Because of your kind and calm nature, you will remain one of the favourites at the workplace.

  • Health-wise, things will be fine. However, some things might leave you stressed.
  • To keep things balanced in your relationship, try to spend more time with your partner.
  • You should worship Lord Hanuman throughout this month for his blessings.

Follow remedies by our Numerology expert to have a smooth May 2022. We hope you enjoyed reading this Numerology prediction. For more such stories related to Astrology and Numerology, stay tuned to

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