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    Having A Mole On These Parts Of The Body Is Really Lucky

    If you have moles on these 7 parts of the body, then you are a lucky woman.
    Published -10 Jun 2021, 14:58 ISTUpdated -06 Dec 2021, 17:51 IST
    lucky moles Main

    Moles are little black or brown spots found on different parts of the body. However, these are not just spots but carry a significance along with them. The meaning of these unique birthmarks may vary depending upon the body part they are situated on. 

    Some moles can be lucky while on the other hand, some can be unlucky. If you want know that which mole on your body is lucky, then we are here with a list of moles that are lucky for you.


    lucky moles forehead

    If you have a mole on your forehead that means you are confident and will achieve great success in life. This is an indication of self – confidence in an individual as well as it indicates that the person will achieve great heights in life. If a female has a mole present on the median line of the forehead, then it again indicates high level of confidence along with great chances of travelling.


    lucky moles neck

    A mole on the neck of a female indicated patience and intelligence. These women will tend to be clever and will work hard in life to achieve their dreams. These women will achieve great heights in their life if they make the right decisions and not wander from the right path.


    Moles present on the waist of a female body indicate wealth and abundance. A mole on the waist will mean that the person will get great opportunities to study for a long period of time and will achieve high success in life. 


    lucky moles eyebrow

    Females with a mole present between their eyebrows tend to be extremely lucky. They are blessed with extreme wealth and prosperity along with wisdom and maturity to make the right decisions in life for a great future as well as a great present.

    If a woman has a mole on either left or right eyebrow, then it indicates wealth. This means that the person will earn a lot and will never face financial difficulties in life, however, they will also spend the earned money and the savings will be less. 

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    lucky moles chin

    A mole on chin is extremely lucky as women with this tend to enjoy all the luxuries and pleasures of life. Although, the person will enjoy all the comforts of life but at the same time will not socialize much and will prefer to stay in their own company.

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    Females with a mole on their shoulder tend to lead a luxurious life with all the comforts available. This person is usually polite in nature and will always think about the welfare of the society and the needy people. 


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    Mole on the right feet of a female body indicate intelligence and success in life. These people get a great education and achieve success in life. On the other hand, if a person has a mole on their right feet, then they tend to have an unconventional approach in life which means they have unique thoughts and get out of the box ideas in their mind.


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