Skin conditions that we neglect may lead to severe diseases such as cancer. Therefore we are all told to be aware and alert about what is happening to our body. Small skin conditions that may not even seem very big and troublesome may also lead to serious health conditions and an example of this are moles. A lot of us have moles on our body, differing in shape, size, type and colours and these moles can lead to skin cancer.

But do you know what to look for in moles to detect whether or not they are malignant? Well, if not then you should. Moles are very common and may also end up as cancer in many cases, which is why you need to be aware of them, understanding what could be a sign of growing cancer is thus also very important. Therefore, take a look at signs that tell your moles are cancerous.

Asymmetrical Moles


Non-cancerous moles are mostly symmetrical.  Although you definitely will not get to see a perfect symmetry in case you see an asymmetrical mole on your skin then you must consider getting it checked by the doctor. 

Moles Above The Skin

There can be many reasons that make your mole rise above the skin. The first reason is a benign intradermal mole which is supposed to be healthy, it can be genetic, and may stay for long, wobbly and may get darker with time. Such moles must be monitored although they may not be a great cause of concern you must keep analysing the changes.

Moles raised above the skin(benefits and drawbacks of talcum powder for skin) may also cause melanoma and that is why if you find any mole on your body that is rising over the skin then you must see a doctor without the wait.

Big Sized Moles

Big moles that are present on your skin since birth may also be at high risk for cancer. These congenital moles are also known as birthmarks may change in size and since they are deeply pigmented and dark coloured they may turn out to be troublesome in some cases. So keep an eye for any developing changes. 

Multiple Colours In A Mole


A benign mole is generally not studied to have or develop in many different colours. But in case you have a mole that has different colours or shades to it, then getting medical advice is the first thing you should do in order to avoid skin cancer(remedies to prevent cancer).

Dark Coloured Moles

The colour and the type of moles depends on your individual skin type. If your moles are all similar in appearance and colour then it might not be such a big reason to worry. A type of mole known as simple lentigo, these moles are extremely dark in clour but are benign. But you must be on the safer side and get the mole assessed before it's too late.

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Growing Mole

In many cases, the mole tends to keep growing and showcasing drastic changes from the colour to lesions etc. Such moles are always very risky and must not be ignored. You must consult a skin specialist immediately in this case. Not only that but if your mole has an uneven border, then too, it is risky and must be checked.

Hair Growing From A Mole


Mostly a mole with hair growing out of it is not dangerous but you should keep a check on it and see a doctor if any changes appear.

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Itchy Mole


If your mole is itchy and sore then it is not necessary that it is malignant but you must be very careful if the condition worsens.

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