Kissing is a huge part of all our lives but ironically, talking about it in India is considered uncomfortable and "untraditional", rather not our "sanskriti". Now the topic is debatable but when we have National Kissing Day and Valentine's Week's Kiss Day, we celebrate. No, not openly but perhaps behind closed doors. Before you start saying "haww" you must know that there are several ways of kissing and a number of interesting traditions with their deep meanings behind them. So go on, add to your knowledge, scroll down.

French Kissing


As the name suggests, this kissing style is French. It is nothing but tongue kissing. It is to be believed that it was brought back by the U.S. post World War I. This is when the soldiers were returning, they were greeted by their girlfriends and wives with kisses. It is the French who are given credit to for it but did you know that Despite France getting credit for the slobbery style, the French word for kissing with tongue, galocher, the word wasn’t added to their dictionaries until 2014,  officially!


This is not just about rubbing noses. There is much more to an eskimo kiss than you think. The nose rubbing is a way the Arctics show affection and it is a practiced tradition among the Inuit tribes of Canada and Alaska. The tradition involves inhaling the scent of the other person. It is also found in Maori tribes in New Zealand and some places in the pacific region.

Cheek Kissing

This is like our typical everyday kissing style but did you know that there are different styles of doing it? If you head to Switzerland, Slovenia, Netherlands or elsewhere, they give three pecks on both the cheek, going right, left, right. In France and Italy, it involves just two kisses on both the cheeks. When you see middle eastern countries, kissing in public is a grave crime but in some places, it is limited to people from the same gender in a casual sense.

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Midnight Kissing

On New Year's eve, couples smooch in many traditions. However, it is possibly rooted in English and German traditions as per the USA Today magazine. It is said that the first person who you would come across will determine your year's fate so people would seek the person they wanted to lock their lips with. 

Kissing Hands

kissing hand

There are many rules to this type of kissing. If you trace its history, you can go back to ancient Greece and Rome and the Middle Ages when the hands were kissed out of respect. At the time it was all about the display of respect and gallantry between men and women. It is an old school concept today but is still practiced in Germany and England. As per the etiquettes, men should not be kissing a lady's pal, the hand of a woman wearing gloves or a hand of an unmarried woman.

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Illegal Kissing

In Indiana, U.S.A, it is illegal for a man to have a mustache is he has the habit of kissing other human beings. In Colorado, you cannot kiss a sleeping woman and in Minnesota and Alexandria, if the husband has had onions, garlic or sardines, he cannot do anything with his wife. 

It is rather interesting how a single kiss can change things and affect people isn't it?

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