Is he happy with me? Will he cheat on me? How loyal is my partner? Is he seeing another woman? This list will answer all your queries based on the sun signs of your partner. However, it is not necessary that this list is 'patthar ki lakeer'. It is always best to confront your partner rather than overthinking if you feel this is the case.

Aries: He Is Not So Trustworthy

If your boyfriend or husband is an Aries then you probably know by now that they hate being stuck in the same pattern for extended periods or to put it out there, they hate monotony. If you do not want to lose him then it is best that you change things around, do some things differently sometimes.   

Taurus: Very Loyal

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If he is Taurus then you are really lucky! They are very faithful partners! They are all about stability, loyalty, reliability, and their middle name is dependability. They are always ready to tackle problems that might arise including those obstacles in their marriage or relationship.


They are double trouble if I may say so. They are supposed to be people who can juggle with more than one partner. They are also very uncertain signs. They get bored with one partner after a while... at least that what they are said to be. What they thrive on is stimulation... a lot of it be it mentally, physically, or emotionally. 


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These guys are loyal to the core. However, they are insecure, clingy, and very family-oriented. They are all about security and they treat their partners like family. This sign will not easily break away unless they are not emotionally happy with you. 


Leos have a history of lovers and relationships. They are perfectionists and demand that too. You have to stroke their ego a lot to remain a part of their lives. They are susceptible to drama, so if you have to prove your love to them, be dramatic in the way you do.


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They look so but they are no saints. They value honesty and love intimacy. However, if they are not satisfied, they look elsewhere. They are very supportive of their friends and lovers but only to the point that makes them comfortable. They are not the kind who would work on a relationship if they are not convinced.


Very loyal! These guys are trustworthy and exciting lovers. They will idolize you and stick to you through thick and thin. However, when troubles arrive they escape. It is difficult to convince Libra that any problem is undefeatable.


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They are loyal to the point of intense. But if... which is a big if, If they lose respect for you, they will look elsewhere. But if you remain loyal to them they are yours. 


Generally, a Sagittarius partner has the tendency to cheat. They don't like to be bound, are free spirits, and do not like rules. They are the sorts who would not offend you but they behave in a way that you will yourself leave them... Very smart must say. 

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The loyal goat is a sucker for stability in a relationship. They work on their relationship no matter what the problems are. 


This sign also like challenges, You have to be interesting, exciting and a bit mysterious for them. 


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This sun sign fights with a lot of inner emotions. They can either be saints or sinners. They become easily disillusioned when a lover or a relationship does not meet the high expectations of their fantasies. They like those who dote on them and often join them in their escapades.

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