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    Learn How To Make A DIY Outdoor Wood Fired Oven

    Do you love baking pizzas at home? Prepare your pizzas in a DIY outdoor wood oven for an authentic taste.
    Published -29 Jul 2021, 17:09 ISTUpdated -21 Oct 2021, 17:45 IST
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    We all definitely love munching on pizzas, don’t we? Pizzas were earlier cooked inside a wood-fired oven and not in electric ones. The wood-fired ovens added a very unique taste that made them even more savory. And that is why that practice of cooking the pizzas in those ovens was never stopped. It later became more popular and people started installing them in their own homes to enjoy delicious pizzas at ease.

    The pizzas cooked inside wood-fired ovens have a very smokey flavor which one can’t attain in electric ovens. So, if you too want to enjoy a smokey and amazing pizza then here’s how you can make a DIY wood-fired pizza oven at home. However, you will also have to be ready with some help from others as it would take a lot of time if you plan on doing this alone.

    Choose The Right Location

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    Choosing a spacious location for your oven is very crucial. Therefore before rushing on to the project, you will have to be sure of the spot you’re going to build the oven on because unlike a barbeque station you can’t move this oven.  The spot you pick now will be permanently be dedicated to this. Also, some pointers to keep in mind are that the spot must receive a good amount of sunlight and must be very open from all sides.

    Once you are done deciding the spot, you must know that this isn’t a very easy or very hard project and is advisable to be taken up on a summer weekend. Further, below are some things that you will need. 

    Things You Will Need For This Project

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    • About 30 Solid Bricks
    • 20 Breeze Blocks
    • 5kg Tub Of Cement
    • An Electric Drill And Long Wood Screws
    • Rubble And Big Stones
    • 10-14 Bags Of Builder’s Sand
    • 125-175kg Clay
    • Assorted Glass Bottles
    • Chimney Or Plant Pot (Plants If You Need Luck)
    • 14 Litres Or 6kg Of Wood Shavings 
    • Wheelbarrow
    • Tape Measure
    • Large Heavy-Duty Plastic Or Tarpaulin Sheet
    • Plenty Of Water
    • Old Kitchen Knife
    • Heavy Duty Gloves
    • 10 Litre Builder’s Plastic Bucket
    • Wellington Boots
    • Old Newspapers

    Steps To Make The Oven 

    wood fired oven

    • Start by making a plinth or the foundation of your oven. So, it has to be sturdy and strong. 
    • Clear 120cm x 120cm square of the space and with a brick create a square-like border, sealing them with cement.
    • Make a proper cube on top of this that should be around 1m high.
    • Before sealing the cube from the top, fill it with rubbles and stones along with glass bottles as they help in radiating the heat.
    • After that, cover and seal the top of the plinth.
    • Next, make a 45 cm high dome with damp sand, go slowly with it as it needs to be perfect and will require time.
    • After you’re done making the dome, cover it with newspaper from all sides while it is still wet.
    • Then take more damp sand and coat the first layer of the oven, prepared with damp sand.
    • Smoothen out the sand over the dome, making it bigger and stronger.
    • Then let it dry for 4 hours and then carefully cut through a 30 cm wide and 20 cm high entrance.
    • Once the entrance is cut, secure it by building a brick entrance, creating an angle for the arch.
    • Cut a hole between the arch and the point where it attaches to the dome. 
    • Finally, layer more damp sand over all of this excluding the entrance, and then go ahead with smoothening the outer region nicely.

    To use the oven start by lighting newspapers and wood below the chimney and then once the fire is built, push this further inside. Cook your pizza by placing it inside the oven and enjoy it with your family!

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    It might seem like a very tough project to go about but you may also ask for help from a professional who can help you in the build. If you liked reading this story then stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more.

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