We humans have come a long way in determining what’s good for our health. We believe that in order to protect ourselves, the easiest and most nourishing way is to go organic, because an organic goodness goes a long way when it comes to good health of you and your family. Kamakshi Kumar, Co-Founder at Petveda speaks on the importance of going organic for our furry friends as well!

Kamakshi says that when we say family, we extend the term to all those pets as well that provide us daily dose of innumerable moments of happiness by just being with us. The pets that enter our lives and become an integral, inseparable part of us. Now the question may arise as to why pet care?

The reason behind the increasing trend of exquisite pet grooming products is because proper pet grooming plays an important role in the overall well being for our pets. Taking good care of this essential need not only make the pets feel comfortable but also help them live a better and longer life.

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Like Humans, these four-legged furry friends also get affected by products that are not specifically made for their skin, more precisely, the products that use harmful chemicals as Sulphate and Paraben. Like their owner’s skin, the skin of the pets too absorbs what is technically applied topically, and prolonged use of harsh chemicals prove to be harmful not only to their skin & coat but sometimes lead to problems which might affect their overall health. These little friends of ours too have sensitive skin and any damage therein goes an extendable way which could eventually lead to shorten the time span of them.

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Other chemical products might give a short term temporary satisfaction but are bound to have an irreversible harm on the skin and therefore on the health of the pets. In comparison to these products, Organic products are mild, which are made without using any harsh chemicals. With the masses standing for stopping animal cruelty in terms of testing chemicals on animals, this is a step further for usage of organic products that are already cruelty-free.

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The organic products contain pure and natural ingredients that do not harm the soft skin of the pets, making it safe to use for any duration and at any course or span of their life. One of the best advantages of opting organic goodness for the pets is that if at all there arises any reaction due to any reason, the damage caused will never be of any permanent nature whatsoever. Also, these damages are never of same depth as those of chemicals.

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Basis our understanding and concern for the wellbeing of pets, Petveda has been conceived as a revolution that believes complete healthy protection for those integral members of your family, whose love for you always remain unconditional. The products provided by Petveda are based on Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of plants and herbs along with the proper knowledge and benefits they offer when used properly. The best features of our products are their integration with modern technologies as well, that have resulted in creating a synergy between the best of both worlds.

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Today, when we speak of using only Organic food or Organic products for our entire family, the pets that have always been one of the most important lifelines of our family, stand out as our responsibility, when the debate is about keeping them safe and healthy while at the same time caring for them in the best way.