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    Tips To Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

    If you are a working parent and unable to spend quality time with your kids then here is how you can spend quality time with them.
    Updated at - 2018-08-23,09:38 IST
    Tips To Spend Quality Time With Kids

    How many parents actually spend ‘quality time” with their kids? Today, parents are so busy working hard for their kids that they forget to ‘live in the moment’. We forget to give our kids a cuddle, laugh with them,  read a book with them or just do silly things to make them happy. Parenting Expert, Nora Bali shares how working parents can get closer to their kids by spending quality time with them:

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    Make Your Mornings Easier

    Life can be so much better with planning. Try organizing your mornings by planning things a night before. Like packing your bags and kids backpack, organizing tiffin boxes and school uniforms ironed and neatly stacked so that every morning you are not rushing. Spend those extra 10 mins talking to your kid or practicing yoga and meditation with your kid. Throw in some jokes, a cartoon or a funny incident while you are having breakfast with them to bring out the chuckles in your life.

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    Mobile Free Driving

    If you drop your kids to school or hobby classes, driving with them can be a great time to bond, sing your favorite song, discuss about various things happening in each other’s life. Allow them to talk and express their thoughts which will make them feel involved. 

    Stay Connected Always

    When you are not together, make sure you know the whereabouts of your children. If possible do a video call to keep track and stay connected.  It helps them to be emotionally connected with you. For younger kids, sing a song or read out a story and hand it over to the babysitter or guardian who is taking care of your kid in your absence. For pre-schoolers give them something special like a good luck charm or a personal note in his tiffin box to make them feel special. Hanging your pictures along with your husband around your kids can be a great idea. Looking at them can give them great comfort.

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    Share Your Day

    After you are back home it is always a great idea to sit and chat about a tough or a good day’s work. If you do this with your children and tell them about things that went wrong /silly/embarrassing at work and how you/someone dealt with it; it just helps your child understand life better and at the same time they figure out that you work hard in your office. Take a short night walk post dinner together if time permits to connect. 

    Family Mealtimes

    Having one meal together be it breakfast or dinner when the entire family sits and catches up on each other’s day peacefully. When children see the family members talking about their day, it prompts them to open up and discuss about themselves too. That is your cue to appreciate their efforts.

    Weekend Special Family Activities

    Once you are sorted during the week, plan something exciting during the weekends like a game night, visiting grandparents or friends so that the kids are looking forward to some fun with family!

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