We all come encountered situations where someone stares at us so creepily that it starts to make us feel uncomfortable.  Well, we mostly ignore such creeps and try to stay focused on moving away from that person. But it is not always possible to be able to move away. That is why it is important for you to understand that ignoring all of it, every time, cannot work, some times the situations might get worse and you might and you must be prepared for it. 

According to the Indian penal code, staring at a woman is considered an offense, and under Section 354 D and the person can be heavily penalized if the staring is done with explicit sexual intention. But before reporting the incident, if someone stares at you and that makes you uncomfortable then here are some things that you can do to stop that.

Never Avoid The Gawker

stops omeone from staring at you

Well for a woman living in India, it is not a new thing to come across someone who stares at you to make you uncomfortable. So you should learn to be resilient and never ignore the person who is staring at you. 

Ignoring will help him get what he wants, making you uncomfortable and insecure.  And you shouldn’t let that happen. Start staring back at him, make sit straight with a loud and firm body posture or fearless expression. Keeping staring until the gawker shies away after feeling guilty.

Don’t Be Afraid

stops omeone from staring at you

Your first reaction to such creepy people should not be getting scared or feeling insecure. Because if you do that, the other person senses it through your gestures and body language. So, keep your body language bold and don’t get scared at all.

Do not be fidgety or try to be conscious. Settling your hair getting insecure about yourself is not the way out, there is nothing wrong with you, whatever is wrong it is with the gawker’s mentality.

Talk To Other’s Around You

When you are alone there are men who would try to take advantage of the situation and make you feel uneasy. So, on eother thing that you can do is starting talking to someone around you. This will discourage the gawker and make him feel that you are not alone. 

However, if simply talking to others doesn’t help and the person incessantly stares at you, then you might as well tell others that this person is staring at you and such people are afraid of the insult other such consequences that they might have to face.

Recommended Video

Film The Incident

Being aware and smart at the time of such incidents is very important. In this world of social media, if you take a stand for yourself then others are ready to support you. So, you can make a secret video of the person staring at you and share it on social media tagging the respective local bodies that can help you. This might also be a great help.

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Report The Incident

stops omeone from staring at you

Call for the local cops or the guards present at the place if the situation gets out of your hands but never submit to such people’s vulgarities. Like we said staring is also punishable as per the law so, you may as well go ahead and report the incident. 

You should know your rights and if your gawker is a dishonourable person then he should land up in jail. As we mentioned above, section 354 D in the IPC deems a sexual intention staring punishable. So, stay strong and never give up in front of creepy gawkers. 

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