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    Here’s How You Can Reuse Old Paint Buckets At Home

    Fill your homes with a creative vibe and follow these 3 ways to reuse the old paint buckets lying in your homes.
    Published -27 Jun 2021, 11:00 ISTUpdated -20 Oct 2021, 17:49 IST
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    Most of us change the colour of our homes every year while getting them painted and as good as new for the festivals we celebrate. But you would know how many small, medium, and big paint buckets get collected over the years. Most people throw them away or sell them for a minimal sum while some keep them to use them at home. 

    So, if you too want to discover some really cool ways of reusing these paint buckets and making the best out of waste, then read on and find out how you can do it easily.  Also reusing these buckets could save a lot of your money on many household things and thus, we recommend you to try repurposing these buckets and using them at home.

    Reusing Paint Buckets As DIY Planters

    diy planters old paint buckets

    Paint buckets can serve really great planters. All you have to do is save the paint buckets and wash them thoroughly. After this paint them all white with a spray or enamel paint. Once done with that you are free to use your creativity to colour the bucket from outside.

    You might also need to make some small holes all over the lower region of the bucket in order to allow the plant to breathe. Fill in the mud in the bucket and then start planting your plant in it. Place the planter on a stand to avoid mus spillage on the ground and there you go.

    DIY Bird Feeder

    bird feeder old paint bucket

    Feeding birds is a super noble deed and we all must be doing it. To make the process easier you can reuse paint buckets to save money and enhance your creativity. All you have to do is wash the empty paint bucket, which should be a smaller size, then dry it out in the sun. Fix the container’s lid onto it with glue and using a sharp knife or a drill, pin a hole at the center of the lid.

    Then make a pinhole at the center of the paint bucket, take a thick iron wire of 15 inches and fold it in half. Then taking the lower ends, fold them at right angles for 2 inches, each in the opposite direction. Now twist the wire from the lower end and make a loop at the top to hang.  Insert the lower ends in the paint bucket from the pinhole and make it stay.  Also, parallel to the lid hole, insert and piece of wood or iron so that the birds can stand on it. Finally, paint the bird feeder and hang it!

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    Make A DIY Side Stool

    diy stool old paint buckets

    This is one of the useful things that you can do with big paint buckets. Start by fixing the bucket with the lid using super adhesive and removing the iron handle or the bucket. Then take a foam sheet of the size of the bucket and wrap it with velvet, stick the foam sheet around the bucket covering the entire region. 

    Then take a hard board piece and fix it on the base of the bucket with the help of super glue and screws.  Further, cut another foam sheet measuring the top of your stool(base area plus foam thickness) and cover it with velvet again. Stick the foam over the base, making it a perfect seating for one. You can also re-purpose old paint buckets, as pencil stands, in the kitchen as spoon stands, and more.

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