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    DIY Chalkboard Wall For Kids At Home

    Toddlers writing all over the walls? A chalkboard wall is just what you need.  Here's an easy guide to painting one on your own.
    Published -23 Jun 2021, 13:52 ISTUpdated -11 Nov 2021, 17:38 IST
    how to make chalkboard wallm

    Changes are constant and thus it is important for us to keep up with different changes in our lives and homes. This not only has a great psychological effect on your family but it makes your spaces look vibrant when you incorporate anything new. And talking of new, we thought of telling you about how to renovate your home with a smart and innovative technology that will add both aesthetic appeals and serve as a writing wall in your room.

    You guessed it right, we are talking about a chalkboard wall. Adding a chalkboard wall to your room is one of the most innovative home decor trends and therefore, we will tell you how you can create one at home, read on and find out more.

    What Is A Chalkboard Wall?

    how to make chalkboard wall

     A chalkboard wall is a wall painted with chalkboard paint where you can write, draw and do anything with chalks. This wall is specially designed for toddlers who have the habit of writing on walls but it can also be used by adults in order to make a to-do list, grocery list, or things like that. 

    Apart from its uses, the wall is generally painted in black chalkboard paint, which also gives a very elegant and edgy look to your space, and even if you don’t want to write on it, you can incorporate it into your house as a new change. So, let us read and understand how a chalkboard wall can be made.

    Tape The Edges

    Decide which of the walls you want to be painting and stick painter’s tape on it to create crisp lines.  You can also paint a section of the wall so as to create a smaller version of the chalkboard wall. 

    Measuring an equal distance you can go ahead and stick the tape to all four corners of the wall. Tape is necessary in order to prevent the ruining of other walls or objects in the room and it also helps create fine lines without any smudges. Plus, if you are a beginner then this step is super important for you.

    Sanding Out The Wall

    how to make chalkboard wall

    After sticking the tape you must sand out the wall. So, begin with wearing protective glasses and gloves and start sanding from the side, if you are doing this alone, then this process might take a little time. Sanding is important as it helps the paint stick to the wall better. For chalk paint, you wouldn’t need to sand the entire wall down but you do need light sanding for better grip of the paint over the wall.

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    Painting The Wall

    how to make chalkboard wall

    After you are done with sanding, pour your chalk paint into a bucket and start painting it using a roller. The roller helps to create a smooth finish of the paint on the wall and spreads the colour evenly.  Also, keep in mind to paint from one corner to the other, and remember to let the first coat dry properly before you apply the second coat over it. Once you are done applying the second coat your wall will be ready to use, only remember to remove the tapes while the paint is half wet. Also, you can drill in a small chalk holder that will hold the chalk and duster for you, in the corner of the wall.

    And if you are worried about the safety of your kids while being exposed to the chalkboard wall, then you need not do that. Chalkboard paints are mostly comprised of nonvolatile organic compounds and are nontoxic. So, your kids can scribble on the chalkboard wall without you worrying about them. There you go! Your chalkboard wall is ready, now show your creativity or write down words that inspire you along with your little ones.

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