There are a lot of things around us that we usually don't consider important. And those things for example plastic water bottles, CDs, tea bags, etc are used every day in our homes which is why they result in high waste produce. Similarly, there are a lot of other daily usage items that become waste. So, we thought of introducing you to some cool methods and techniques that can be used to reuse and recycle those products easily. Not only that, these products, when reused can serve as lasting options for some household uses. 

Therefore, if you want to contribute to better waste management and less waste products, then read on to find out more.

Reusing Waste CDs

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The age of CDs is gone now. But there are still many people who have a great collection of old CDs. But once that stuff is copied from the CD to your desktop or computer, then you essentially don't need a CD. And disposing of them is definitely not a choice. Here are 3 ways to reuse them.

Reuse CDs to make DIYs: From tea coasters to trays and whatnot, CDs are hard and durable and hence can be used in your home. For using them as tea coasters just cover them with a cloth piece and stick cardboard at the base. You're done!

Use As DIY Jewellery: Broken CDs can be used to join together and make bracelets, necklace etc with them. Just do not throw away broken CDs, create a mosaic pattern with them and stick them together add sturdy cardboard, attach strings there you go.

CDs May Be Used As Potential Pest Control: Attach a string to the CD and hang multiple discs around a tree. The shine and gloss keep the pest away.

Reuse Old Egg Trays

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These come out almost every second day. And we literally do not know how to use them efficiently. So, we will tell you 3 ways to do so.

For saplings: Since egg trays are generally made with wood pulp they serve as great seedling holders.  Just fill in each cavity with mud and then plant(plants for good luck and prosperity) the seeds. After some days, you will notice sapling growing out of it.

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Organize Stuff: Another cool way to reuse egg trays is to use to keep different stuff and keep it organized. You can also use this as a paint palette to store different colour paints while painting 

Use As Packing Material: In case there is something that you would pack and post, egg trays come in very handy, they are sturdy and super strong and will protect everything you have stored in them. Just make sure to wrap it entirely with a cling film and you will be done.

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How To Reuse Teabags

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For tea lovers, it definitely might come as a challenge to reuse and recycle used tea bags. But don't worry we have your back here.

Add Them To Your Bath: Yes collect your tea bags and add them to your bath(what are bath salts and their benefits) for relaxation of muscles and to soothe the skin. This will rejuvenate your pores and will allow them to breathe perfectly.

Use Tea Bags For Plants: The tannins of caffeinated tea are very beneficial for plants. In fact, manure made out of tea is known to rejuvenate the plants and give them a good life.  Just sprinkle the tea bag contents over the soil and you'll be done.

For Minor Bites and Burns: Just in case you have no medicine or ointment to assist you with your minor cuts and burns then used tea bags are just what you need. Just refrigerate them and use them over minor wounds to see the magic happening. 

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