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    How To Remove Ink Stains Using Different Methods

    Do you have ink spots on different surfaces of your home? Here are several ways that can help you get rid of them easily.
    Updated at - 2021-08-23,10:30 IST
    how to remove ink stains m

    Spilled that bottle of ink on your favourite piece of clothing? Or got a lot of pen ink stains on your white shirt? While it can get very irritating trying to get rid of ink stains off of your clothes, but we might have some specific and powerful solutions to get rid of your frustration and that stubborn ink stain. Here are some amazing ways to get rid of an ink stain off of clothes.


    how to remove ink stains

    To remove ink stains from your clothing, milk works like magic. According to scientific research, milk contains a certain amount of butterfat in it which falls into the category of lipophilic materials. Ink, on the other hand, is made up of organic solvent and a specific kind of pigment which gives it the colour. When we write on a surface using ink, the organic solvent is immediately evaporated away leaving only the pigment on the surface. 

    This pigment is easily dissolved in lipophilic materials, specifically in the butterfat content found inside milk. So, if you have a hard ink stain on your clothing, simply soak it in a container filled with milk and leave it for about 30 to 40 minutes. The pigment of ink is soluble in milk and the lipophilic content of the milk completely breaks down the colour and dissolves it within itself, getting rid of the stain completely. After soaking the clothing for about half an hour, take it out and wash it using normal detergent and water. You'll be surprised to see that stain has completely vanished off. 


    how to remove ink stains

    Using toothpaste over ink stains on clothes is another great way of getting rid of them. Toothpaste contains certain chemicals which make your teeth look white and shiny while removing that yellowish tint off of the surface of your teeth. Some Toothpaste brands use chemicals similar to that of bleach, which is why Toothpaste works like wonder on ink stains as well. All you need to do is firmly apply toothpaste over ink stains on your clothes and leave it on for half an hour. After that, rinse them thoroughly in a detergent and water mixture. Upon drying, you'll notice the ink stains fading away. 

    Hand Sanitizer or Rubbing Alcohol

    how to remove ink stains

    Using hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to get rid of ink stains from your clothes tops this list of methods to get the job done. This is one of the most popular methods of removing ink stains off of your clothes without deteriorating the quality of the fabric and many experts recommend doing this. Rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizers contain alcohol known as isopropanol, it's a powerful solvent of ink pigment and removes any kind of hard ink stains from clothes almost instantly. Just a small amount of hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol can do the trick. Simply put in a drop or two of the rubbing alcohol over the ink stain on your clothes and rub it, within 4-5 minutes the ink stain will vanish completely and you can proceed to wash your clothes using detergent and water as a final step. 

    Nail Polish Remover

    Nail polish remover also works in a similar way of removing ink stains from your clothes as rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer does. Like rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover also contains a very powerful ink pigment solvent known as acetone. Just a few drops of nail polish remover on ink stain can completely dissolve the ink pigment, in turn getting rid of the stain completely off of your clothes. 

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    Buttermilk and Sandpaper

    Applying some buttermilk over ink stains and gently rubbing it off with sandpaper can help get rid of the ink stain from your clothes completely. This is a very successful method and works like a wonder but sometimes it can damage the fabric in certain types of clothing.

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