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Here Are Some Ways To Please Lord Jagannath

Jagannath Puja is one of the major festivals celebrated in our country. So, here are some tips and ways to please Lord Jagannath this 12th July.
Published -06 Jul 2021, 09:52 ISTUpdated -06 Jul 2021, 16:52 IST
jagannath rathyatra shubh muhurat

Worshipped across the country, Lord Jagannath is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu with attributes of all his past incarnations. That is the reason why he is considered to be very strong and powerful. The best part about Lord Jagannath is that he is often worshipped as Lord Krishna, Narsimha, and Lord Vishnu on different occasions that we celebrate. The most famous temple of Lord Jagannath, his elder brother Balabhadra and his sister Subhadra is located in Puri, Orissa and that is why the Jagannath yatra is celebrated in Orissa with fervour and happiness on a very large scale. Let us find out all about Jagannath Puja and how you can perform it at home.

The Jagannath Yatra

jagannath rathyatra

A huge procession of Lord Jagannath is held in the month of Ashadha or between June-July. In the rath yatra, the idols of Balabhadra, Lord Jagannath, and Subhadra are all brought from the main Puri temple and are placed on the chariots that are pulled by thousands of people, this is why the festival is also referred to as the chariot festival. These idols are then placed in the Gundicha temple and after a period of 7 days, a similar procession is held with the same enthusiasm and the idols are taken back to the Puri temple. All Jagannath temples across the country take part in similar processions and hence this is a huge celebration for all devotees.

Last year due to the COVID protocols, the rath yatra was not celebrated as usual and perhaps this year too, there will be guidelines in place that have to be followed. But in any case, you can perform the Jagannath Puja at home to celebrate the festival and ask the Lord for his choicest blessings.

How To Please Lord Jagannath

how to pleae lord jagannath

  • Lord Jagannath is not very difficult to please, he rewards the devotees who worship him with all their heart.
  • To perform Jagannath Puja at home you should start by decorating the idol with flowers after covering it with sandalwood paste.
  • Then make offerings to the Lord including pushpanjali, a light incenses for fragrance, and finally lighting a diya.
  • After doing that, start the aarti of the Lord and offer coconuts (that happen to be his favourite) and other prasad items that you may have prepared.  
  • Taking the dhoop or the incense sticks chant the following mantras first, in front of the idol and then in the entire house:

-Etasmaye Dhoopaye Namah

Sprinkle Ganagajal all over and offer Gandha Pushpam.

_Idha hoopam Om Namoh Narayane Namah

Offer 5 diyas to the God.

_Estasmaye Nirajan Deep Malaye Om Namoh Narayane

Sprinkle Gangajal again.

_Esh Nirqajan Deep Malaaye Om Namoh Nrayaane 

Finally, burn camphor, carry out the aarti again and use the shankhnaad to conclude your puja. Lord Jagannath is considered to be one of the kindest Gods he cannot see his devotees in pain and therefore he fufills all their desires. So, pray to Lord Jagannath to be blessed with dedication and love.

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What You Can Offer As Prasada

  • Rasogolla
  • Gulabjamun
  • Pati Sapta
  • Laddu
  • Peethas
  • Milk Cake
  • Sweet Rice
  • Special Bhog: 
  • Kheer
  • Custard 
  • Coconut Cakes

Jagannath Puja 2021

shubh muhurat jagannath puja.

According to Drikpanchang, the Jagannath Puja falls on 12th July 2021 which is a Monday. Puri Yatra Tithi: (shubh muhurat for puja) 07:47 AM 11th July to 08:19 AM 12th July is the most suitable time for the puja. So, have a bath and get dressed properly, waking up all the members of the family, and then start with the puja as told above while continuing mantra chanting. And Lord Jagannath will surely reward you for your heartful prayers.

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Conduct the Jagannath Puja this year at home with your family and stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more.

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