India is home to a host of pilgrimage sites and each one of them has its own historical significance. There are different legends associated with the popular pilgrimage sites and many of us fail to explore the other side of these revered, beautiful temples. 

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Badrinath is one of the four Char Dham pilgrimage sites. Even if you have visited the temple earlier, we are sure you would love reading these lesser-known facts about the pilgrimage site. Read on. 

Tapta Kunda

Badrinath temple is surrounded by snow-capped mountains all around. The temperature remains freezing cold throughout the year but how come does the Tapta kund, located a few minutes away from the temple has hot water? Yes, the taptakund is a hot water spring all across the year. It is believed to be the residing place of Lord Agni Deva. 

People from all across the world visit here to take a dip in the holy kund as it is believed to cure all body problems. 

Badri Vishal, The Berry Tree

Lord Vishnu once sat at this place for meditation according to a Hindu legend. The weather was really cold and Goddess Laxmi protected him in the form of a berry tree. When Lord Vishnu got to know about it, he was impressed by the devotion of Goddess Laxmi and called the tree, Badri Vishal. A lot of people from around the world visit Badrinath and sit under this tree and meditate in the search for enlightenment.  

This is also the place where the pilgrimage site gets its name from. The berries were known as Badri and Goddess Laxmi had named Lord Vishnu, Badrinath back then. 

The High Priest At The Shrine

badrinath temple

According to the legends, the Badrinath shrine was re-established by Adi Shri Shankaracharya. The high priest at the Badrinath temple is from the clan of Adi Shri Shankaracharya. As they work as a priest at the temple, they are not allowed to marry. It is considered a sin even if they touch a woman. 

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Brahma Kapal

brahma kapal

We are sure not many of you know that Lord Shiva once killed a brahman and wanted to get released from this sin. When you visit Badrinath, you will find a high rock pedestal that is believed to liberate people from the cycle of life and death. Many people visit here to pray for their ancestors. 

It is believed that anyone who visits Badrinath temple even once in their life never comes back to a mother's womb and gets free from the cycle of life and death. 

The Place Where Lord Krishna And Arjun Meditated

Badrinath is set between two mountains - Nar and Narayana. It is believed that Lord Krishna and Arjun, who are both believed to be the incarnations of Lord Visnu meditated here first before being born in the Treta Yuga.

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The End Of Badrinath

badrinath end

It is believed that the Badrinath temple is closely related to the Narasimha temple in Joshimath. One of the arms of Narasimha temple is believed to be thinning with time and if the locals are to be believed, the day it breaks, the Nar and Narayana mountains will merge and one won't be able to see the Badrinath shrine thereafter. 

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