In Indian households certain herbs are staples and most of us have their plants. Taking care of plants is like caring for your babies which we grow with utmost love. These plants help us in our cooking and have many medicinal and beauty uses. But maintaining the plants is very crucial and that begins from how much soil it has, how much area it has to grow, the amount of water added and the exposure to sunlight also varies for them all. Here we will talk about how curry leave plants should be cared for if you feel they are dying or have become very weak. 


curry leaf plant one

Never overwater your curry leaf plant as that kills them really fast. In the summer, water the plant every 2-3 days and keep tabs on small mites. In the fall season, watering is needed only on weekly basis. 


If it is a baby plant, a curry leaf plant needs shade for a few weeks and do not fertilize it for at least 6 months from the beginning. If you add it, it can burn the roots, damaging the plant forever. 

Changing The Pot

curry leaf plant two

In the first 4 years, change the pot of the plant every once a year so that its roots can grow properly. If you do not do so, you must replace the top 40-50 percent soil with a fresh compost mix and fresh potting mix. Scrape out the dirt with a fork tool but make sure you are not disturbing the roots. 

Empty out the old soil by tilting it and refill with the new soil mix. Do water well after transplanting or changing the soil. 


Always remove the yellow and old leaves and the stems which have lost the leaves. If the plant has thick branches, you can cut them by 1/3 of the length. 


Every two weeks, apply neem oil spray on the plant as that helps in protecting it from bacterial infections. It is important to hose down the plant every once a month.

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The Bud Removal

Now the curry leave plants naturally grow pretty flowers on the branch tip. If you let them grow, they will produce seeds. Unless you want these seeds, it is best to cut of the flowers or else the growth of the plant slows down. 

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Winter Care

In the cold season, keep the plant indoors and preferably near the window where it gets sunlight. Keep it away from any draft which gives heat. It will dry out the plant otherwise. The plant will not grow inside so no need to panic. It may even lose the leaves as it is dormant but do not worry, it will grow back with the season change. 

Take care of your curry leaf plants and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more tips on caring for other green lovelies.