We are all locked up inside our houses due to the coronavirus pandemic. This has also majorly changed the functioning of our households. We no longer have our house helps who would clean dishes, mop the floor or cook food for us! We are all taking care of it on our own. If you still don't have any motivation to do some house chores then here it is.

A lot of you must be hating doing all those household chores, especially mopping. Mopping or pocha requires a lot of energy but do you know it can have some amazing benefits for your overall health? Mopping not only helps you clear all the microbes and viruses from your house that can make you sick but it can also give you some great benefits. Read on to know why you should start doing pocha or mopping everyday. 

You Burn Calories

According to a study, mopping across the floor and wringing it out of the bucket makes you burn around 238 calories. To sweat out these many calories in the gym, you would need an hour on the exercise bike. Cleaning the floor is like working out and it helps you burn calories just like you do in the gym. Now that you can't hit the gym, get into cleaning your home and lose weight!

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#NoOneInNoOneOut since we have stopped calling our domestic help due to Covid-19.. Mommy says (Ab khud Kaam karo, I will only cook) And This video is for one purpose only, entertainment entertainment entertainment for us and you all. A tribute to mine and all the mothers out there who do all the house chores day in and day out without a complaint. And being a creative person with a lot of free time .. I will make sure that I keep you guys entertained even if I am quarantined.. #NoVirusCanStopCreativity this is my take with a lil tadka of entertainment on how we should help them in these times specially because now we’re home and well rested.. Also made me realise how difficult it is and yet she does it with perfection and in ease every single day.

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Mopping the floor is like a complete workout, you bend, stretch your arms, tone your thighs and even work on your abs if you do it the Indian pocha style. A lot of celebrities have been posting videos of them doing jhadu pocha at home and it all looks fun! If they can do it, why can't you! It is a fun workout and will help you shed those extra kilos too!

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You Feel Relaxed, Stress-Free

Mopping the floor helps you clean your home. Your living space becomes clean and this cleaning helps you relax. It reduces your stress level. 

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Improves Your Concentration

If your living space is dirty and messy then you may start to lose focus. Mopping helps you clean your space and it helps you focus better on other things in life. 

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Helps You Get Rid Of Anger

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A good way to vent your anger is by cleaning the floor with a mop. Mopping is a great way of using your anger, it is a productive task. Whenever you are angry, start cleaning your home to get rid of your anger.

Keeps Allergies/Infections At Bay

This is the time when you need to keep any health issues at bay as the world is already passing through a difficult phase due to the coronavirus pandemic. Cleaning your house helps you reduce the dust around your home. It can all lead to breathing problems, irritation in eyes and nose. 

Now that you know the amazing benefits of mopping, start doing it and keep your surroundings clean and yourself healthy!