Money plant is a popular choice of an indoor plant that most people want to keep at home because of it’s exceptional properties and suppositional values in life. 

Money plants are evergreen climbers that grow up to 20 meters high and require no extensive care as compared to the other indoor plants. 

They can grow easily in soil, as well as in a container such as a jar or a pot if you would like to keep yours in a pretty one like that. 


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  1. Money plants are said to bring good luck, happiness, wealth, and prosperity to your house. 
  2. Money plants purify the air.
  3. These plants reduce stress and anxiety.
  4. They act as an anti-radiator.
  5. They are said to mend broken relationships.
  6. These plants spread positivity around them. 

Selecting A Pot 

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While going in for a money plant at home, you should also look at the choice of pot you make before you start planting one as it is a crucial step and the pot needs to be according to the plant requirements. 

  • The size of the pot depends on the size of the plant you want to grow. 
  • A pot that prevents the money plant from falling off onto the ground. 
  • You can start with clay, ceramic or plastic pots and later shift to bigger pots and jars as per your convenience. 
  • A money plant requires neutral soil in order to grow. So you can get some from the market itself. 
  • You can plant a money plant at any season of the year. It’s an all-rounder plant. 

How To Plant 

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  1. Go in with a pot that has holes in the bottom as the plant requires huge amounts of water and needs a drainage system too. 
  2. Fill the pot with the soil you picked from the nursery. 
  3. Make a hole in between and place a cutting from another money plant and cover it up with some soil. 
  4. Water well, as the same cut stem will produce roots in no time. 
  5. Water once in 8-10 days but in a good amount. 
  6. Add a wooden stick so that the plant can start growing above the soil level. 

Things To Remember

Overwatering may cause the roots to rot. 

Money plants turning yellow and curling up is a sign of excessive water usage, so keep a lookout. 

Fertilizers And Manures?

Generally, there is no certain need to add fertilizer or manure into the growing of a money plant but you can go in for liquid nitrate-based feed occasionally or you can create a homemade fertilizer using tea leaves, coffee grounds, and eggshells with soil. 

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Trimming Of A Money Plant 

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  • A money plant may grow out eventually and you may be in need to do some trimming to restrict it to some geographical place. 
  • Cut off dry, yellow, or dead leaves or branches if you see any on the plant to avoid wasting nutrients. 
  • Cut about 1/3rd of a branch at 45 degrees.

Taking Care Of Your Money Plant 

  • Make sure your money plant is not placed in extreme weather conditions. 
  • Transport your money plant into a bigger pot when needed. 
  • During the winter season, the money plant doesn’t require much water, so remember to cut down on the water in that particular season of the year. 
  • The pot should have a good drainage system to flourish in. 

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