Cooking in steel or ceramic ware is a good experience but when you think of earthenware and going back to ancestral routes, you think twice. Why? Because they are breakable and their seasoning is not that sorted or easy given the time management issue in today's world. However, if you can, there are several reasons why a clay pot is healthier for your cooking. All rice lovers should know the several advantages there are if you cook rice in a clay pot. 

When you cook rice in a clay pot, you will see that it comes out softer, fluffy and the grains are separate without the usage of oils. There are many other advantages of cooking rice in a clay pot

Nutrients In Rice Are Intact

Rice is a mix of complex and simple carbs, something our body needs a balance of. This is good for the management of insulin in our bodies. When you cook rice in ceramic or metal cookware, they give out harch and nearly infrared heat which is there to prove when you touch a hot metal and it burns your fingers. Something similar happens to the complex carbs in your rice. It breaks it down and then we simple carbs and starch. Your body in turn gets less help in insulin management. But when we cook in clay pots, you will note that they can still be touched and the goodness in rice remains intact. It is also believed that cooking rice in metals and ceramic become toxic and this weakens the immune system slowly and steadily. 

Good For Diabetics

rice clay pot

If you give your body balanced food and diet, well cooked and safely prepared food, the insulin level is balanced. This is great for diabetics indeed. Many have claimed that when you switch to clay cookware permanently, you feel healthier after a while and that includes higher energy levels and a better immune system as it does not have metal toxins. 

pH Balance 

Since clay pots are alkaline in nature, they deal with acidity which in turn helps in neutralising the pH balance. This makes the rice way healthier. 

Lesser Oil Consumption

cooking rice clay pot

Clay pots are unlike metals and ceramics as they are heat resistant. This is why the dishes tend to cook slowly. Therefore, you can cut down on the amount of oil you add to the rice or any other dish. These pots retain that little oil you add and add that required moisture so why have unnecessary added fat?

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Indian spices add tons or aroma and give a flavour unlike anywhere in the world indeed but it is also the flavour added by the earthen cookware which gives it that twist in the taste. There is a reason why our ancestors swore by them and why we hear so much about their cooking right?

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So what are you waiting for? Begin with rice. Get a good earthen pot and season it the right way. Give it a try tomorrow and you will see and taste the difference yourself. 

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