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  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial, 23 Feb 2022, 10:47 IST

Design Ideas To Give Vitamin D Boost To Small Rooms In Your House

Did you know that installing a glazed ceiling can fill your house with sunshine? Take a look!
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial, 23 Feb 2022, 10:47 IST
room with sunlight

A connection to nature is a must for every human being. It ensures the proper functioning of our body and senses. Among several structural ideas, it is crucial to design the house in a way that sunlight finds its path into every nook and corner.

The ideas are not necessarily for new constructions. But you can pick and choose the designs that can help you remodel your current home with minimal expenses. With a few adjustments, you can brighten the space and fill it with natural light.

Why Is Sunlight Important For Homes?

The foremost importance of sunlight is it gives vitamin D and B boost. According to several reports, natural light gives a boost to your immune system, helps to increase the count of red and white blood cells, gives a hand in maintaining hormonal balance and energises your body.

Design Ideas To Fill The House With Sunlight

Design A Three Season Room

The temperature of such a room is regulated by the weather outside. You do not need to create a glazed roof, but you can install large glass windows running from the ceiling to the floor. The head mostly remains covered. Thus, it becomes a cosy space inside the house.

Depending on the size, you can put a dining table in it or put two cosy couches and make it your go-to space. It is also a perfect spot for kids to play and enjoy the weather outside. It is an inexpensive solution. You can create it in a house or a flat as well.

Knock Down Internal Walls

merge rooms

It is a perfect solution if your house has a no-purpose wall. You can tear it down, and the space will be open to sunlight if it was blocking it. This idea also adjoins two areas, making the room more spacious. 

You can add furniture to the natural palette, decorate it with indoor plants and put a rug. The space would look cosy and peaceful. You can read here, children can play in the extra space, and you can also host occasional tea and wine parties.

Add A Glazed Extension Or Add Glazed Ceiling To A Section Of A Room

glazed ceiling ()

An extended section with a glazed ceiling will help you create a sunroom that will be filled with sunlight for most of the part of the day. It is a simple and inexpensive solution that adds a touch of elegance. You can add windows to the adjoining wall to let the sunlight enter your house.

If you add a glazed ceiling to a section of a room, it will brighten up the entire space. It will also give you the benefit of choosing the amount of sunlight in the area according to the climate. These ideas can be utilised in homes unless you have a flat on the top floor or an open terrace.

Add Seating Furniture At The Right Corner

seating furniture

In a small room, you must pick the right spot to set the furniture. Whether it is a sofa or a comfortable chair, the best seating arrangement is near the window from where the breeze and natural light can enter the space. 

You can also build a seat near the window and use it as a reading corner. It is not much of a design modulation as much as making the best use of the space. It is an interior design tip that will help you enjoy the sunlight in the winter, autumn and spring season.

Convert The Kitchen Into A Social Space

kitchen with open space

If you have an open kitchen and the walls are creating obstruction between you and sunlight. You can add glass window panes all around, and it would turn into a social space where you can enjoy an evening with friends while cooking.

This idea can work in a house with a backyard or in a flat as well. One might have to pick the right direction, and this inexpensive remodelling idea will add a classic look and give an impression of an area with a huge space.

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Choose The Right Colours

Most designers suggest adding neutral, natural or dramatic colours to the space that receives the most sunlight. Again, this is not a remodelling ideal, but it is a piece of advice to make the sunlight more acceptable in the space. 

Also, you must keep in mind to install objects, furniture and subjects with colours that are resistant to fading in the presence of UV rays. Hence, darker tones and natural shades work better in an area that receives sunlight in all weather conditions.

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Did you like our ideas? Try some of them at your home, and let us know in the Facebook comments if anyone works for you. Until then, stay tuned with HerZindagi for more interior design and remodelling ideas. 


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