No matter how big or small your kitchen is, if you are bored with the way your kitchen looks and want to revamp it, these decor ideas can be incorporated anywhere. From the texture of your wall to the lights and storage, this list provides something for all. So read on and adopt these ideas. 


kitchen lights

The light system in a kitchen is of prime importance as this is where you spend most of your time, be it while baking lovely cakes and bread or making supper and snacks. We have to see what we are using as herbs and masalas in our dish, how much a dish has cooked. Not just this, lights van uplift your mood as well and if you don't enjoy while cooking, then your dish will not be that good either! So get rid of those mundane light bulbs and tube lights without covers. Invest in colourful shades or opt for a backlit style which is easily available online as well. 


If you have a big kitchen then you may have some sitting space. How about giving that space a change by swapping regular sitting furniture with colourful school vibe stools? You could also place a chalkboard near the counter and use it for your to-buy or notes list. A simple kitchen can look really different with a vibrant theme like this.

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Accent Walls

kitchen walls

Just like a wall can change the look of your bedroom, it can bring a drastic change to the simplest of kitchens. Be it small or big, you can add a textured wall or even a wallpaper in a classy print would do wonders. Just concentrate on one wall and keep the rest simple so that the kitchen doesn't look very heavy. You could also add a rug, if there is space, as the chef of the house spends most of his or her time in a kitchen. So why not make it a cosy affair too?!

Mixed Styles

It isn't necessary that your whole kitchen should look either modern or very traditional. You can also mix up while keeping a balance. This will definitely transform your kitchen.


storage kitchen

If your kitchen has too much-unused storage and unnecessary cupboards, that too can make your kitchen look bulky. Also, if you have been stashing all bottles, trays, etc on the shelf and it is all helter-skelter, that may be a huge turn off for the one cooking. So make space by adding some cane baskets and put it all in one place. This makes your kitchen look more organised and spacious.

Tile Work

Just like we talked about accent wall textures and wallpapers, tiles too are recommended. There is no rule that a kitchen should have only white tiles. It can also have different handcrafted tiles here and there or some coloured textured tiles on one wall. There are so many options available in the market right now whether in-store or online that you may need some time to decide which ones to pick.

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Painted Ceiling

If nothing else comes to mind, make the ceiling of your kitchen look cool. That simple change can do wonders for your kitchen. Paint a contrasting shade or draw some patterns, depending upon your patience and time.

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Dark Hues

dark kitchen

Why only monotone cupboards when you can experiment? Get a sunmica or wood in black and transform your kitchen with a touch of black or any other dark hue like a dark green or maroon. Even a dark blue would look cool but then keep the rest of the kitchen white or go for the lighter shades. 

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