Can I diffuse my partner’s anger in 24 hours? Are fights normal in marriage? How should I deal with parental interference in a joint family? Can I save my marriage even when my partner is unwilling to do the same? Can you resonate with these questions? This happens mostly when you invest a lot in your wedding planning but not in marriage planning. Leena Paranjpe, Millennial Marriage coach, Speaker & Author says that "due to the lack of preparedness, millennial couples face these situations the most, and a major part contributing to this is because of these 5 common millennial marital issues faced globally. As per my experience, 95% of the people do nothing, struggle with the confusions, and remain in a complaint zone. Have you ever thought of clearing your confusion, resolving your current marital issues, and taking smarter action to get results, in only ten days? 

If you want to take charge of your marriage, Leena Paranjpe, has listed the issues that are faced by millennial couples globally, and also the 6 basic reasons as to why these issues are created.

Lack of Understanding


Understanding is a skill that helps you in accepting the imperfections of your partner. ‘I am done with you!’ means ‘I love you but I’m unable to understand you.’ You need to develop an art of understanding by listening to your partner. Understanding makes your marriage happy and healthy.

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Lack of Communication

Communication is an art. Nobody is born as a natural communicator. Words can unintentionally hurt your spouse. Effective communication is the key to improve your relationship. Remember, what you speak, how you speak, and when you speak has a huge impact on your special relationship. Use your words consciously.

Lack of Acceptance

marriage one

Acceptance is considered to be the key to open the doors in your marriage. It’s a hard task but it’s definitely not impossible. If you consciously ignore the imperfections and focus on the perfections and appreciate them, the connection between you and your spouse will improve. You will notice things in your partner which you would have never seen before. This will help you fulfill the emotional need of each other.

Lack of Patience

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Patience is an art to accept the delay or the problem without getting angry. It plays a major role in marriage. Patience provides you with peaceful results. It makes your marriage successful and brings ease in the millennial couples’ relationship.

Lack of Humour

Laughter bonds people. Laughter on a daily basis is similar to taking vitamins for your marriage. Adding just a pinch of humour will help you form a stronger bond with your spouse, address tough issues subtly, diffuse the anger, and resolve disagreements. Most situations are not as complex as they appear when looked at from a playful and humorous point of view. It helps in changing the perspective. It serves as an inspiration to make your marriage better each day.

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The 6 Reasons Behind These Issues

  • Immediate parental interference.
  • Lack of time spent together in the pre-marital phase.
  • Lack of couple-time spent together in the early post-marital phase.
  • Impulsive behaviour.
  • Fear and insecurity of a divorce.
  • Not compromising in mending a relation due to a set lifestyle.

Understand that the more time you keep thinking without doing anything, the worse your issues will become. With increasing severity, your happiness gets sucked. As you’ve already realised that your marriage is failing, the next step is to work on it.

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No matter how difficult your issue is, regardless of whether your partner is unwilling to restore the relationship, consult an expert and with their help, take charge of your marriage. Ask for it and you shall receive. Resolve your current marital issues on your own and start enjoying the fun and companionship with your partner!

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