Our little four-legged friends are one of the most beautiful blessings in our lives. Not only do they make us happy but they are present with us through thick and thin, passing all the tests of time. They love us unconditionally and that is why they make the perfect best friends in our lives. But sometimes adapting to the way we humans live, becomes a little too much for them and that could lead to some friction in their lives. This is why we thought of telling you about some amazing hacks that you can try for easier lives of both your dogs and yourself. So, take a look here.

Baking Soda For Cleaning Dog Pee

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When your little fido friend is a puppy it is not possible that he won’t pee inside your home. From the walls to the carpets, he might pee anywhere he likes the long-term solution to this is of course teaching him that this is wrong and taking him out for short walks in between the day to that he can carry out his activities as well.

But for cleaning your homes, the carpets, and the walls, you can use baking soda that will easily clean the tough stains and its anti bacterial properties will help you get rid of the bacteria and clean your home thoroughly. 

To Get Rid Of Furniture Stains

What can you really do about those nail marks and stains on your favourite furniture? Well, initially you might just think that it’s fine but if you know this hack, then your life will be super easy. 

To remove stains from furniture, you can simply use walnuts. Yes, that’s right! Just take a walnut and rub it over the stains. The natural oils present in the walnut will cover the space and will seep in through the stains making them disappear.

Hack For When They Get Their Nails Done

dog life hacks

While grown-up your dog's nails are not so sharp but once he is a fully grown pup, his nails will naturally become sharp and penetrable which is why you do have to clip his nails once in a while. But dog owners know how much trouble it is for them to hold their dogs still while clipping nails. So, to get them still and patient all you can do is bring a spoonful of their favourite peanut butter and keep it in front of them. They will start to devour their treat while you will clip their nails quickly.

Storing Their Food

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Most of the dogs love to eat but there are still some who would appreciate eating only for survival. If your dog does not like to eat, he might end up leaving the meal you have just served in his bowl. 

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And when this happens over and over the food starts getting wasted, to make your way through this situation all you have to do is watch your dog after serving him food, if he is interested, he will eat the food right away if not then you can store this food in an airtight container. And keep the container just beside his bowl. When your four-legged friend is hungry, he might start to smell the container and then you can take out the food and serve it for him again.

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To Avoid Seeing A Dentist Do This

dog life hacks

Your dogs eat so much from around them and that could result in the decaying of their teeth, just like us. Therefore you should brush their teeth daily or once in two days to avoid visiting the dentist later. Use a human toothbrush or pick from a range of dog brushes and use a dog toothpaste(toothpaste hacks to check out) only as human toothpaste might not have the right ingredients in it to suit your dog.

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That’s it enjoy parenting your dogs like a pro! And stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such pieces.