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6 Helpline Numbers That Every Indian Woman Must Know About

With rising crimes against women, women must memorise helpline numbers that can help them in times of need. 
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -12 Sep 2022, 12:55 ISTUpdated -12 Sep 2022, 15:16 IST
women helpline numbers organisation

According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data for 2019-2021, the crime rate against women grew from 56.5% in 2020 to 64.5% in 2021. The crimes included assault on women with an intent to outrage her modesty, cruelty by husband or his relatives, rape, abduction or kidnapping of women.

In order to help women, provide them with legal aid and counsel them, there are helpline numbers. Every woman must know about them in case they need help for themselves or their relatives.

National Commission for Women Helpline (7827170170)

violence against women

National Commission for Women or NCW is a government body that concerns itself with the policy matters that affect women. Established in 1992, it has provisions listed under the constitution of India.

It represents the rights of women and provides them with a voice to fight against crimes. They represent women victims of religious, political, personal (including dowry) and other forms of exploitation in the workplace. The body also fights for the equal representation of women in workplaces. 

Multiple Action Research Group (MARG - 011 26497483/ 26496925)

Their objective of MARG is to empower women in need with legal assistance. They work not only for distressed women but also for people from marginalised communities, people with disabilities, children, the poor, people from the Dalit community, etc.

Along with assisting legally, the organisation also works towards legal empowerment. It produces an array of legal literacy material and conducts workshops. 

Shakti Shalini - Women’s Shelter (011 24373736/ 24373737)

legal aid for women

This non-government organisation provides shelter to women, who have faced atrocities at the hands of their husbands, family, relatives, and society. It works towards equal education, gender equality, and respect for individual choices. Shakti Shalini has a zero-tolerance policy against violence.

They first provide a secure and safe home to distressed women, help them build companionship, educate them about their rights, provide them with legal aid, guide them to attain financial stability and offer them professional training for skill development.

Socio Legal Information Centre (+91 24374501/ 24379855)

Socio Legal Information Centre (SLIC) is a registered Society and Trust division that offers free legal aid and provides legal literacy programmes throughout India. It has ties with social movements, NGOs, students, activists, judges, researchers and lawyers in over 24 states in India.

They strive to make legal help accessible to distressed women. They take pro bono cases, work on public interest litigation, and investigate human rights violations across the country. 

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All India Women’s Conference (AIWC - 10921/ (011) 23389680)

women helpline

AIWC works towards the education of women and their empowerment. It tackles women’s rights issues and is one of the oldest women’s helpline groups in India. It also runs microcredit schemes for women in rural areas. 

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They have brought reforms in Hindi Code Bill, Maternity Benefits Act, Devadasi Act, Sarda Act, and Factor and Mines Act.

Sakshi (0124 2562336/ 5018873)

Headquartered in New Delhi, the non-profit organisation actively works toward helping victims (women and children) of sexual violence. Building on gender diversity and inclusion, it has conducted research and surveys, advocated for victims, and helped women develop life skills and education. 

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