Hanuman Jayanti 2022: Know The Auspicious Date & Time And Remedies For Happiness

On this day, worship Lord Hanuman With All The Rituals To Get Fruitful Results.

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Every fast and festival in our society is celebrated with great reverence. Each festival has its own significance and way of celebrating it. It is believed that by worshipping God, one gets fruitful results. One such festival is Hanuman Jayanti which is celebrated on the full moon date of the month of Chaitra and on this day, all the Hanuman temples are crowded with devotees.

According to the Hindu calendar, every year on the full moon day of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month, devotees celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman with great enthusiasm. At the same time, in some places, this birth anniversary is celebrated in the Krishna Paksha of Kartik month.

Let us know from astrologer and Vastu expert Dr. Aarti Dahiya when Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated this year and what measures can bring happiness and prosperity in your life on this day.

Auspicious Date & Time

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For years, it has been a tradition to celebrate the full moon date of Chaitra Shukla as the birthday of Lord Hanuman.

  • This year, the full moon date of Chaitra month will fall on Saturday, April 16. Worshipping Lord Hanuman on this day will be highly fruitful.
  • Purnima tithi starting: 16th April, Saturday morning at 02:25 am.
  • Purnima tithi closing: 17th April, Sunday at 12:24 am.


Lord Hanuman was considered to be one of the most influential and quick-pleasing deities in Kali Yuga. He is worshipped as a part of Lord Shiva. Devotees celebrate his birthday with great reverence.

It is believed that reciting Hanuman Chalisa 11 times on this day with full devotion, one gets special blessings from Lord Hanuman. It is believed that by worshipping Lord Hanuman with devotion and reciting Hanuman Chalisa, one gets freedom from all the sins and the door to salvation opens.

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Story Of Birth of Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is considered a part of Lord Shiva and his birth story has been specially mentioned in the Puranas. According to the story of the birth of Lord Hanuman, when Agni Dev offered Kheer to King Dasharatha and his three wives after getting pleased by their yagna, a part of kheer was taken by an eagle.

At this time, Anjana Maa was worshipping the deity and the kheer fell in her mouth. After consuming the kheer, she got pregnant and gave birth to Lord Shiva’s 11th form, Hanuman ji.

Puja Vidhi

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  • It is believed that if you worship Lord Hanuman on this day, then you will be protected against the Markesh dosh and life threatening diseases.
  • To worship Lord Hanuman on this day, take Gangajal in your hands after taking a bath.
  • After that, sit in the place of worship by laying a seat facing east or north.
  • Establish Lord Hanuman idol at the place of worship and offer Panchamrit, curd honey and sesame or jasmine oil.
  • Worship Lord Hanuman by lighting a lamp.
  • On this day, offer yellow vermilion on the idol of Hanuman ji and offer bhog made of gram flour.

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Remedies For Happiness & Prosperity

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By offering yellow vermilion to Lord Hanuman on this day, his special grace is received. If you mix yellow vermillion in jasmine oiland apply it on the statue of Lord Hanuman, then he is pleased and removes all the obstacles of the devotees.

For peace of the house, one the day of Hanuman Jayanti, mix vermillion in mustard oil and apply it to Lord Hanuman. Then, make a swastika sign in the main door of the house and light a mustard lamp at the main door.

For financial benefits, offer jaggery and gram with jasmine oil and vermilion on 5 Saturdays from the day of Hanuman Jayanti.

To bring prosperity in the house, recite Hanuman Chalisa on the day of Hanuman Jayanti and till 5 Tuesdays, all the members of the house should recite Sundar Kand together.

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