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    Ways To Keep Your Dog Active At Home During The Lockdown

    Does your dog get lethargic at home? Here are ways to keep him fit and active without stepping out of home.
    Published -17 May 2021, 18:13 ISTUpdated -12 Nov 2021, 13:32 IST
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    It is very essential for you to regularise your routine and maintain a healthy balance between eating, sleeping, and working out. And similarly, eating healthy and regularly, walking/exercising, and sleeping well are all important tasks that even your pooches must be performing along with help from you. 

    That is right! Your four-legged friends also need to eat healthily and exercise well just like you, and while in the normal days we are able to take them out for running/walking but presently the lockdown that is imposed in many states of our country is not allowing us to move out of our homes. Which is making it hard for us to keep our dogs in shape. So, we thought of telling you some easy ways to keep them fit and active without going out.

    How many exercises Do Dogs Need?

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    Dogs need an average of 30-60 minutes of exercise every day and it also depends upon the kind of breed you are dealing with. When your pooch belongs to a lazy breed such as the French Bulldogs, bullmastiffs, etc, then a slow and steady 30 minutes walk will be sufficient for him. But in case you have an active breed dog then you must make sure that he physically works out for about 60 intense minutes. Following a series of activities to do.

    Going Up And Down The Stairs

    Playing games that involve your dog moving up and down the stairs is one of the go to options for dog owners in the lockdown. You can either use one of his favourite toys to play with him and keep throwing it from your terrace to the ground floor and reward him each time he brings it upstairs, or you can also take part in running to and fro over the stairs and make your dog follow you.

    Keep An Obstacle

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    Well, it might be a bit tougher than climbing up the stairs but this takes a lot of energy and burns a good amount of calories. All you can do is set up a table in your hall and ask your dog to jump over it, once he does give him his favourite treat(DIY Dog treats at home), or rub his head while appreciating his feat.

    Play Hide And Seek 

    Dogs are petted so widely across the world because they are expressive creatures and they know how to respond to humans. They are intelligent and interactive and thus we suggest you play hide and seek with them. Although playing this game correctly with your pooch might take a little time and training but when you do train them well, they will be able to play nicely with you. So, you can hide around different places in the house and this will also ensure both your and his physical activity.

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    Indoor Swimming And Fetch

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    Swimming is a very favourite sport that doggies love. And fortunately, you can do it at home easily. Just order an air-filled pool from online shops and let your fido have a great time swimming and exercising. You can also play fetch with or even go for tug of war where you can pull one side of the rope while he pulls the other.And that’s how you can make sure to stay fit and healthy along with your baby pooch.

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