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    How To Make DIY Piggy Bank At Home And The Importance Of Using It

    Want to save money? Here's how to make a DIY piggy bank at home in some simple steps.
    Updated at - 2021-09-11,14:00 IST
    DIY Piggy Bank At Home  m

    Saving money might seem like a very difficult task but if you really plan on doing it with determination then you will be able to save a lot for yourself for sure. So, take the first step towards saving money and make your very own DIY piggy bank. Read till the end to find the importance of using it.

    Simple Cardboard Box Piggy Bank

    Let's start off with the simplest of DIY piggy banks that you can make at home. To make one, all you need is cardboard, some cello tape or elastic bands, scissors, and some glue. Start by drawing six equal square sides on the main cardboard and cut them off to obtain six equal pieces of square cardboard pieces, then one by one apply glue on the edges of the six cardboard pieces. Now, assemble all the pieces to form a cube-shaped box.

    DIY Piggy Bank At Home

    Once assembled, paste cello tape on each side of the box to keep it from falling apart while in the meantime, the glue dries off. After a while, when the glue is completely dried and the sides are completely sealed, and that the box now seems strong enough, carefully take out the cello tape. You may also make small holes on the edges and put on the elastic bands so that each side holds onto the other stronger.

    Finally, make a small incision on the top of the box using scissors, the incision should be wide enough to accommodate coins or banknotes to slide inside of the box easily. Our simple cardboard box piggy bank is now ready. You can also choose to paint the box or paste some stickers on the outside to make it look more fancy and artistic. 

    Simple Tin Can Piggy Bank

    Here's another simple DIY piggy bank that you can make in the comfort of your home. A lot of us might have some empty tin cans lying around in the house, it can be an empty paint can, a beer can, or a used packed food can. It's very simple to turn these into a simple piggy bank. All you need is an empty tin can, a metal cutter, some chart paper, acrylic colours, and a paintbrush to make it look cool or some stickers.

    DIY Piggy Bank At Home

    Start by making an incision on the top of the empty tin can using the metal cutter, the cut should be wide enough to let coins and banknotes in. As a final step, you can wish to cover it with some chart paper on the outside and paint it over it or simply paste some stickers to make it look good. Our simple tin can piggy bank is ready. If you wish to take out your money, you can use the metal cutter again to cut open the top completely. 

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    Importance Of Saving Money

    Saving money can benefit you in a lot of different ways. If you have a habit of overspending your money recklessly and eventually running out of it more often, having a piggy bank can help make you responsible for your money.

    You can easily develop a habit of saving some extra cash throughout the day and put it in your piggy bank at the end of the day. You should always keep in mind that saving money will help you in your time of need and you may also be able to reward yourself with your favourite thing that you always wanted.

    You will eventually start valuing money and learn the importance of saving it for good, which in turn will help you get rid of your overspending habits as well.

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