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5 Decorative Plants You Should Invest In

If you are looking houseplants to lift up your living space, here are 5 options you should not miss. 
Published -31 Dec 2021, 18:15 ISTUpdated -31 Dec 2021, 18:11 IST
indian decorative plants snake plant

Hunting home decor ideas to amp up your lifeless interiors? If you ask me, one of the easiest ways to decorate your home is by adding some greens. Plants can instantly lift up your space. The best thing about getting some green friends to do your interiors is that the options are plenty. The fun part is the styling because you can get as creative as you want. 

If you are wondering what can be some good decorative plants for your home, here we have listed our favourite 5. Read on. 

Snake Plant 

snake plant decorative plant india

If you are looking for a tough houseplant, this one should be your pick. Snake plant can tolerate most indoor conditions and don't really require a lot of maintenance. Also, the upright foilage of the plant works well with every style of decor.

Snake Plant Benefits

  • The plant helps filter indoor air. 
  • It converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. 
  • Snake plants have the ability to remove toxic pollutants from the air. 

Peace Lily Plant

peace lily

The thick, glossy white and green leaves of this plant will instantly liven up your space. A peace lily is just the decorative plant you need for your home. It looks stunning, requires low maintenance and has multiple health benefits. 

Peace Lily Plant Benefits 

  • A lot of us suffer from insomnia. Placing an indoor plant like a peace lily plant in your home helps promote sleep. 
  • The plant filters indoor air, increases the level of humidity and makes you breathe better. 
  • The beauty of this plant brings a lot of calmness to your environment and makes you feel stress free. 

Fig Plant

fig plant

Fig plant is another good-looking plant option for your living space. The leaves are shiny and appealing. They are relatively tough plants for the indoors. Even if the weather conditions aren't favourable, they can survive. 

There are so many ways to decorate your home with this one plant. If you pick a fully grown one, plant it in a tree in a basket pot and place in one corner of the house. Small fig plants can be planted in metallic pots to amp up your bedroom area.  

Fig Plant Benefits

  • Fig plant like most houseplants cleanses the air. It removes any harmful chemicals from the air further promoting healthy oxygen levels. 
  • Placing fig plants in your home helps promote overall physical health.
  • Keeping a fig plant close to your workspace helps increase focus and productivity.  

Palm Plant

palm plant

One of my favourite houseplants, palm reminds me of the beaches and comfort. We all want that relaxed and easy vibe in our homes and there is nothing better than placing palm plants around the house. They give that tropical vibe to your house while also taking down the stress levels. 

Palm plants are easy to look after. They are slow growing plants so you don't have to worry about its size. 

Palm Plant Benefits 

  • The plant helps in reducing indoor pollution as it breakdowns the harmful compounds in the air and makes the air pure. 
  • Because the surface area of the plant is more, it produces more oxygen.

Spider Plant

spider plant for home

Spider plant is one of the most common houseplants. The thin white and green leaves of the spider plant can instantly lift up any corner of your room. 

Spider Plant Benefits

  • The plant is believed to be one of the air purifying plant for indoors. 
  • Keeping a spider plant at home helps in increasing the oxygen levels. 


Tell us which one is your favourite green among them and why on our Facebook page. For more such home decor related articles, stay tuned to HerZindagi.

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