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    Follow These Tips And Ideas To Decorate A Large Blank Wall In The House

    Decorating a large blank wall can be confusing and overpowering if not done correctly. Read on for decor ideas to modify your empty wall.
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    Published -25 Jun 2021, 16:00 ISTUpdated -25 Jun 2021, 17:58 IST
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    Home decor needs a lot of patience and time to make your house look like the dream home, you always wanted to have. From getting bold accessories to classic furniture, you want nothing but the best for every corner of your house, and rightly so. But no matter how much time you invest to keep everything well put together, there’s always that one blank wall left which can bother you, as it looks too dull and boring in the house. But not anymore. We have come up with some brilliant interior design ideas which you can follow to transform your large empty wall into the most attractive spot of your home.

    A DIY Wall Art


    You can consider giving your blank wall a new look by doing some DIY wall art with colourful and contrasting textures.  Try getting a big abstract art painting with warm colours or you can even create your own canvas using some basic watercolours. Abstract art against a blank neutral colour wall looks very rich and soothing to the eyes. You can even try making some frames woven with fabrics, or other materials in dark solid colours. Hang these frames on a neutral colour wall to immediately grab the attention of the viewer or the guest.

    Vintage Furniture Against The Wall


    Putting a piece of furniture against a wall, full of artwork or beautiful canvas or vases on top of it looks stunning in the house. One thing while following this design idea is to keep the colour of your wall in mind, if your wall is in neutral plain colour then go for an item of furniture in bright or solid colours. You can also choose to keep your furniture and wall of the same colour to achieve a beautiful monochrome shade in the house. While choosing a monochrome design, you can keep your wall art or accessories in dark solid colours or create your colour palette.

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    Creating A shelf


    Wall shelves not only gives you an option to put your favourite things in place and handy like books, but it also looks very elegant in the house. You can even keep your indoor plants on these shelves to fill your room with more positive and calm vibes. The best part about a wall shelf is that you can change the look of the house by simply replacing the accessories. On days when you feel like making your room look more vibrant, then try putting bright frames against a white plain wall.

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    Kids Art Work


    If you have kids at your place, then it’s the best way to make use of their creativity as well as decorating your walls. Keep the artwork of your child in frames and hang them on the blank wall, you can play around with the colours of your frames according to the artwork. This will not only boost the confidence of your child and make them feel special but will also brighten up your empty wall in no time.

    We hope you found these ideas of decorating a blank large wall useful. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more such stories.

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