Are you an Aries? Is it you or your zodiac sign to blame for your certain characteristics? Here are some common traits of an Aries by our Tarot Card reader, Jeevika Sharma! 


Aries generally have dominating nature. Their only wish is for others to obey them without asking any questions.

They tend to care dearly for the ones they love.

Aries have a trait where whenever they are dealing with some personal problem, they start to lack in everything they do. Due to personal stress, they lose all their productivity.

They are the type who love to celebrate their success or achievements with their partner.

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 traits aries

They prefer taking all the decisions and actions themselves, which concern their life. Aries do not like any third person interviewing in their matters.

They are very hardworking, especially when their finances are considered.

Aries is the secretive type. They either keep everything to themselves or do not reveal the whole truth.

Emotionally, Aries people often feel tied up.

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They stick to their word or decisions even if the whole world stands against them.

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