The ICAI released the results for the CA final and foundation (July) 2021. Out of 83,606 candidates who registered for Chartered Accountants final examination, a brother-sister duo emerged as toppers. 19-year old Nandini Agrawal from Morena district topped with 614/800. Her 21-year-old brother, Sachin Agrawal has achieved All India Rank (AIR) 18.


Nandini has skipped two classes in her childhood, therefore, she has been in the same class as her brother since second standard. The two cleared class 12th in the year 2017 from Victor Convent School in Madhya Pradesh’s Morena district.

Exam Preparations

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The two share a great bond and as they have been in the same class since the start, they always study together. They are a big support for each other. Nandini said, “My brother and I have been studying together since school. We also prepared for IPCC and CA final together. Our strategy has been simple — we support each other but we critique even more.”

She further adds, “When we solve a question paper, he checks my answers and I check his. There have been moments when I was losing hope but my brother’s support got me on track.”

Pandemic has affected everybody’s life including the life of several aspirants which had a great impact on their preparation. However, it actually worked in favour of this brother-sister duo as they got more time to study and revise their topics.

“There were times when we fought like crazy but that only lasted for some time and we got back to normal. I would have been happy with even 70 per cent marks as I did not have high expectations but I knew that Nandini will do great. She’s brilliant and deserves all the success. In many ways, she is my mentor,” says Sachin.

Nandini and Sachin follow ICAI study material. Both of them advise all the aspirants to follow the same as it has worked really well for them.

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CA New Course

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Nandini and Sachin both had to opt for the CA new course as when they registered for IPCC, the old course was already out, therefore, they had no choice. Their only option was the new course.

Sachin says, “In our case, we had no option to choose from. Besides, the new course is more comprehensive as compared to the old course as it covers new accounting standards, which are realistic and in line with the current market requirements.”

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topper brother sister ca

Their father, Naresh Chandra Gupta is a tax practitioner while their mother, Dimple Gupta is a homemaker (tips for housewives to be fit). Their children have made them extremely proud.

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Currently, Nandini is pursuing her articleship from PwC. She has also got an AIR 31 in the IPCC exam. On the other hand, Sachin is pursuing his articleship from Gurugram-based firm One Point Advisors.  

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