With the declaration of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission(RPSC) exam results, there has been much excitement in the air. The prelims of the same were conducted on the 5th of August in the year 2018 and the mains in 2019, June 25. 

Along with the regular excitement of exam results, one pleasantly surprising thing that caught the attention of everyone was the three sisters who qualified for the exams together to join their other two sisters who were already RAS! 

Who Are The Three Sisters Selected In RAS Together

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Siblings Anshu, Reetu, and Suman belong to a small village in Rajasthan’s Hanumangarh. They took the RPSC exam together and cracked it. The result of this exam had been declared on the 13th of July. Prior to these three, their older two sisters, Roma and Manju had also qualified for the administrative examinations and successfully become RAS officers. It is a proud moment for their family to see all their five daughters become RAS officers. 

Family Background of Anshu, Reetu And Suman

Anshu, Reetu and Suman along with their other two sisters and RAS officers Roma and Manju are daughters of a farmer in the village, Sahadev Saharan. Sahadev Saharab, who poses as a proud father of five extremely intelligent daughters, all of who serve the state, is himself just educated till class 8(read more on career for women). On the other hand, their mother Laxmi is completely uneducated. These five sisters stand as a perfect example of how our family background, environment, finances, etc do not matter. The only thing that really does matter is our will to win, and with their dedication not only have they won this position but also our hearts! While their village will certainly celebrate this incredible news, these girls stand as a source of inspiration to all the girls around the country. For all those who think educating girls is a waste of time and money, this is a perfect example of women achieving success beyond imagination!

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The Tweet Of IFS Officer, Parveen Kaswan

To this good news, IFS officer, Parveen Kaswan also tweeted a hearty congratulations to the sisters. “Today all three got selected in RAS together making father and family proud” read his tweet. It indeed is a moment of immense pride! 

What Is RPSC Examination?

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Rajasthan Public Service Commission is a state-level examination that is conducted by the Public Service Commission of Rajasthan. This exam is conducted for recruiting qualified students into government posts in the state. The eligibility of the exam is a bachelor’s degree from any recognised university and a minimum age of 21. The candidates have to go through a preliminary round, a mains and an interview in order to emerge as RAS officers!

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Other Candidates Who Did Their Families Proud

2023 candidates have made it to the final list and will now be divided into the various departments that exist in the state. Out of these 2023 candidates, the first rank was bagged by Mukta Rao and the second and third ranks were bagged by Manmohan Sharma and Shivkashi Khandal respectively. 

We wish these three sisters a hearty congratulations and extend our well wishes to all the other candidates who successfully cracked the exams! If you liked this story, stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such content!