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    Find Out The Best Sink Materials For Your Kitchen

    Architect Srishti Kapoor suggests the best kind of sink materials for your kitchen.
    Updated at - 2021-07-14,10:45 IST
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    While replacing a kitchen sink, you don’t only have to focus on the style and size but the most important thing is material. Some materials are highly durable while the others are a bit delicate. You need to choose it according to your personal needs. 

    Although, we mostly don’t think much about the material of our kitchen sinks, but it’s time that we should choose it carefully. If you are not sure what is the best material for your kitchen sink, then we are here to guide you.

    Stainless Steel

    sink material steel

    Ar. Srishti Kapoor said that, “Stainless steel is the most preferable material for modern kitchen sinks as it is affordable, resists corrosion, easy to clean and requires very little upkeep. Apart from this, it provides a sleek and contemporary look when paired with granite, stone or wood countertops.”

    This is why stainless steel is the most commonly used kitchen sink material. Apart from this, the sink is less noisy and won’t dent easily.

    Enameled Steel

    Although, stainless steel is the best but enameled steel is also a good option. You will find a variety of these ranging from cheap to expensive. Cheap ones are usually thin, noisy and might night extra care but the high – end ones are quite durable. These use a resin coating and are thick in comparison as well as less noisy. 

    Solid Surface

    Solid surface is also a great option as these are strong, durable and at the same time, these sinks look extremely beautiful. This sink material is highly non – porous and can be repaired easily. This is because all the scratches can be sanded out, thus, chipping not a concern. Apart from this, these are heat resistant and easy to clean. All these advantages make it a great choice for you.

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    sink material copper

    Copper can enhance the look of your kitchen and give it an absolutely different vibe. Although, it looks stunning but it is a bit expensive. However, the cost is justified as it is not only rust proof but also antimicrobial. This is a great quality to have in any kind of place when food is involved.

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    These have gotten popular only in the recent times. Made up of a composite of materials like acrylic and quartz, these sinks are quite durable. These do not chip easily and there is a variety of colours, shapes and option to choose from. These will soon get extremely popular due to the advantages it offers.

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    Stone sinks are can be made up of granite, marbles, etc. and look extremely terrific. These provide an amazing look to your kitchen (kitchen decor). Although, it is durable but at the same time it is porous, therefore, there is a need to secure them in a proper cabinet. 

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