The charisma of ancient lore, modern-day science, and research has resolved many issues that we once thought were nothing more than an ancient myth. The power of gemstones or healing crystals has paved their way in the ultramodern world with its breathtaking beauty, vibrant colours, and powerful benefits. In many stories passed down from generations, colorful, rare, and exquisite stones were believed to heal many physical and psychological issues. In fact, these crystals made with fine minerals were used to restore self-confidence and resolve inner conflicts, allowing one to feel peaceful. Gemstone expert, Mr. Nitin Yadav, Founder at GemPundit, shared with HerZindagi readers on how the gemstone aquamarine is beneficial. 

Amidst the turbulent times and unprecedented circumstances that we are facing now, these rich, colourful, and visually appealing gemstones have become a shining beacon of hope and happiness. In fact, today, gemstone or healing crystals have more than just aesthetic value - they are also used as swanky fashion accessories

One such trendy gemstone is the Aquamarine stone. Often called the ultimate treasure of mermaids, Aquamarine stones were said to be used by sailors widely as a talisman for good fortune, suitable weather, and protection against unseen troubles like seasickness or storms. If you wish to delve deeper into understanding the many benefits of this unique stone renowned for bringing peace and prosperity, we have put together 3 of their key benefits. Here they are.

Assisting With Emotional Trauma And Conflicts

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For centuries Aquamarine stone is said to offer soothing vibes. With its powerful nature backed by the natural properties of water, it is trusted to assist with emotional turmoils and anger issues. Moreover, the stone has the ability to surround the wearer with positive and relaxed vibrations that can make them understand and deal with emotional traumas efficiently, leading to a holistic healing journey.

The stone also protects the wearer against lies and uncovered truths to help them make informed decisions. People influenced by Aquamarine stone can make rational, optimistic, and compassionate decisions without confusing interference.

Instilling Peace And Triggering Chakra Healing

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Gemstones are in general known for their physical, emotional, and spiritual healing characteristics. The Aquamarine stone, in particular, is acclaimed for its pacifying properties that can help the wearer relax and ward off unnecessary stress and anxiety besides suppressing emotional agitation. It can also subdue the greed for material things and insecurities.

Furthermore, the stone can trigger Chakra healings and is often associated with throat and heart chakras. It also has the ability to cleanse the body of negative energy that can encourage subdued and sometimes meditative states. Therefore, it is advised that the wearer start practicing meditation while wearing the stone for optimum results.

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The Charm Of Good Luck, Fearlessness, And Protection

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Anyone who has sat by the beach and observed the sea would know that a calm sea can trigger a peaceful feeling. As the name suggests, the Aquamarine stone has natural calming properties of the sea, and as mentioned earlier, was used as a talisman by people taking passage through the sea route. There are several unpredictable challenges such as seasickness, whirlpools, bad weather, hurricanes, or storms in the vast expanse of water.

However, Aquamarine stone is said to provide protection against such difficulties and is therefore known as the stone that infuses fearlessness in the wearer and those surrounding them.

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There are times when uncertainty and a chaotic mindset drive us to seek answers beyond what modern science can provide. If you also need a guiding hand or a little push towards the right direction, keeping the right gemstone close to you can do wonders. However, wearing the wrong gemstone can do more harm than good. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with an expert before purchasing any stone.

Once you wear the right gemstones, the journey of goodness and a shining future is not far. So, make sure you always invest in authentic and verified stones approved by a Vedic science expert and begin your journey towards finding inner peace and calm and keep negativity at bay.

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