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    Exclusive: Avika Gor AKA Anandi Takes Us Back To Balika Vadhu Days, Says It Is More Than Just A TV Show For Me

    HerZindagi's Megha Mamgain spoke to Avika Gor post the announcement of Balika Vadhu re-telecast. Read on
    Updated at - 2020-04-14,15:24 IST
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    We can't thank the television industry enough for giving us a potpourri of drama and entertainment. What makes TV shows so special are those beautifully-knit characters. Television introduced us to several characters through the years but there are some who left a mark and will stay with us forever! One such character was Anandi on the show Balika Vadhu. The show gave us a break from those regular saas-bahu sagas. Anandi, played by Avika Gor was the star of the show and won hearts!

    The coronavirus outbreak has led to a lot of iconic television shows make a comeback and we are so glad that Colors channel announced the comeback of Balika Vadhu. The show that dealt with the concept of child marriage in India was one of the most loved shows then and fans can't keep calm! 

    Amidst all the excitement, we are sure a lot of you must have been waiting to hear from Anandi! Our content head, Megha Mamgain had an exclusive chat with Avika Gor AKA Anandi. Excerpts:

    When you look back to Balika Vadhu, what is the one big memory or feeling that fills you? 

    balika vadhu memories

    Complete gratitude! I have learned so much from the show that I can't really express in words because it was the experience of being a part of something so beautiful. It will always be the most special or the most important thing that happened to me in my life. Balika Vadhu means a lot more than just a TV show for me.

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    How did you, as a young girl prepare to be a 'vadhu' - was the thought daunting? 

    Of course! I was 10 and I had no idea that child marriages still happen and for me, it was like it I read it in my history books that Raja Ram Mohan Roy ji opposed it. I wasn't aware of the fact that it still happens but it used to happen when Balika Vadhu was on and I am sure it still happens in some places, unfortunately. For me, it was very disturbing when I got to know that it happens and I met people who said it was their story. I remember meeting a person who mentioned that he couldn't watch the show with his family, he feels embarrassed as the same happens in their family. It was shocking! But then the same person said that they won't continue with this practice anymore and I was happy to hear that! Yes, the thought of a girl getting married that early is definitely disturbing and I just hope people realise what we are trying to tell them through the show. This is a social message driven show, we really want people to understand and hope Balika Vadhu creates the same magic it did years back! 

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    The show and you became the symbol of change and revolution from the typical saas - bahu saga, did you take that as a compliment or success?

    balika vadhu anandi jagya

    I did not realise that show became a symbol of change. It did, Balika Vadhu was a brilliant show, the making was very much non-TV. Television was very different then and Balika Vadhu did bring some change, it brought a sensible change in the industry. It was a genuine story that was told with purity and that definitely brought in a change in Indian TV. There were very good shows on Television but Balika Vadhu was one of the shows that changed the storytelling on TV. I hope such meaningful shows continue to be crafted. People loved the show because it was a meaningful show. People were not just attached to the story but all the characters of the story too. That was the most important and different thing about Balika Vadhu. I see it as a success because if people wouldn't have understood the content-driven show then it won't have been such a big hit. It is the audience and the makers who made it so much purity that it made sense and that is what worked for Balika Vadhu.

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    Your fans love you ... are you anticipating the return of the show will only increase their love and affection for you? How do you reckon you will feel seeing your younger version in that avatar? 

    I just saw the first episode and I was laughing. I was just looking at myself, trying to be all cool saying dialogues that were funny for me. I hope people like it. I was totally a different person then, much younger. I hope people enjoy that side of me. People have loved Anandi so much through the years and even today people call me by that name even though it has been around 12 years. There was something that people loved about the character. I hope when this new generation who didn't watch Balika Vadhu earlier like it. There is an innocence in the character Anandi, she is confident and asks logical questions, so there is a lot what Anandi and the show are about. I hope people watch it and love it. 

    I have a lot of memories from the show. Balika Vadhu means a lot to me. It really changed my life. It was my first big show as a lead actress and I glad that people loved the character so much that they still know me with the character's name. It means a lot to me. I am extremely overwhelmed, grateful. I would really like to thank everyone who loved me so much, my character Anandi so much because it wasn't a normal show, it had a lot of depth and people understood it and I hope people continue to love me. It is because of this show and channel that I am what I am. I feel so overwhelmed, especially watching the episodes. Today when I watched it I was literally teary-eyed, I just can't explain how it feels!

    Balika Vadhu first aired in July 2008 and continued till July 2016. It was one of the biggest shows back then and received great response from the viewers. This retelecast will surely take us back to the good times! What do you think?

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