Have you been noticing a certain number repeatedly? For example, when you wake up at night and see the time it is 1:11 and when you calculate the bill for some items you bought that equals to 111 or you spot this number on a car plate or just anywhere.

Don’t ignore this pattern as it may bring good luck in your life. This is an angel number. Same numbers occurring twice or thrice in one digit could be a psychic sign or a spiritual symbol which, according to the bible are considered to be indications from your guardian who is probably watching over you from the heavens.

More About Numerology And Angel Numbers 

In numerology, numbers are seen as the means the gods use to communicate with us. And similarly, angel numbers are associated with certain vibrations and have more meaning than their mere numeric values. So, if you are seeing such numbers as 111, 222, 333, etc. then it might not just be a coincidence, rather it could be your guardian angel trying to send you messages to explore the greater meaning of your life in context to your present situations.

What Are Guardian Angels?

What Are Guardian Angels

According to Christian beliefs, an angel in spirit guides protects, and supports us from the dangers in life. The angel stays with us from our first breath till our last and never parts. Not only that, there are mentions of the presence of a spiritual entity that guides us through life in many ancient scriptures, Greek Philosophy, and the old testament. Here are the names of the archangels related to Christianity: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Chamuel (Camael), Raphael, Jophiel, and Zadkiel. One of them must be guarding you and me at the moment!

The Meaning Behind Angel Numbers 

111: This is the first and the most powerful numbers (numbers that will favour you in September), with unfathomable manifestations. This number signifies the replication of your thoughts, which means whatever you keep thinking will come true.

222: The world is becoming more and more competitive every day and in such conditions, you are bound to feel depressed and get worried about your future. And if you see this number, you must understand that you are going in the right direction. And, you should enjoy the moment you’re living in.

333: If you are seeing this number everywhere, then it probably means that your guardian angel wants you to strive for a balance in life and work on yourself for achieving your dreams

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444: This number means, that you will be protected and guided by your angel through the hard circumstances that you are facing. And that, your prayers for protection are being heard and answered.

555: This number is the reflection of change. Your guardian angel wants you to be prepared for new things that are about to come your way. Remember, changes are not always negative but with the right mind you can take it as a chance to shine.

666: With this number, the angel tries to warn you about yourself and the importance of taking responsibility for yourself. This number directs you to work with the right attitude and live in reality.

777: Through this number, the guardian angel wants you to relax and leave the stress for tomorrow, behind. And instead, embrace your life (easy ways to embrace new normal) in the present moment to live happily.

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888: It a great number! It is like a note of appreciation that your angel wants to give you and award you for coming this far. Your angel wants you to know that you have been doing things right and every pain was worth it.

999: If you have been working on something relentlessly and you start seeing this number, it means that you're about to reach the completion of your work.

So, the next time you see angel numbers, ponder on them and try to capture the hidden meaning behind them. 

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