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    Use These 5 Home Decor Accessories To Amp Up Your Bedroom Interiors Instantly

    Does your bedroom feel devoid of character? Use these simple accessories/ways to revamp your bedroom interiors.
    Published -20 Jan 2021, 17:00 ISTUpdated -15 Nov 2021, 18:42 IST
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    The bedroom is one of the most important aspects of one's life. We spend most of our time in our bedroom and it has a very deep impact on our mind. If the room is messy and ugly, it does reflect in your thoughts and if your room is blissfully beautiful your mood and thoughts are all uplifted. That is why we suggest you take pains to decorate and set up your bedroom in the best way possible. 

    Beautifying your bedroom will not only improve your mood, but it will also give you the confidence that you can create something so beautiful. Therefore for you to be happy and positive about yourself and your home, we thought of introducing you to some easy ideas that can help in establishing intriguing factors in your room. So, go ahead and try out these accessories/methods right away!

    Bed Sheets/Bed Covers & Layering

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    The bed is the main aspect of the bedroom. And that is why it is very crucial to use a nice quality bedsheet, bed covers to your bed. You might have seen people using white bedsheets for their bed in cotton fabric. It is majorly because white colour induces peace and accentuates the other elements of the room gracefully. You should always use a supreme quality cotton bed sheet as it is both comfortable and is widely available in a variety of designs. Make the bed more appealing by adding matching pillow covers and cushions and add more layers to your bed. Add a bedcover, bed runner and make use of more textures for your pillows and cushions.

    Sheer Curtains

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    Install sheer curtains into your room, as this will enable you to make your room feel more spacious. For one, when the light enters the room during the day that will make your room look bigger. Plus, opaque curtains look very heavy and chunky while sheer ones look light and trendy.  Further, keep the colour of the curtains neutral or match it with the accent colour of your room. 

    Bed End Bench

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    You might have noticed how in luxurious hotels they place a bench at the end of the bed. It looks super royal and classy and can instantly accentuate the room’s features. Go for a bed end bench that suits the type of your room. If your room has modern features, choose a bench that is sleek and graceful, if you have a boho room go for a colourful one, and so on. Bed end benches are basically supplements to the bed, they can be used for wearing shoes or taking them off before going to bed. They can be used for keeping trays, extra pillows, etc.

    An Accent Wallpaper

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    If you ask what can instantly take any room a notch higher, we will say a perfect wallpaper. A wallpaper can bind all the features and design elements together or may also give you some lines to follow while designing your room. If your room feels devoid of character then installing wallpaper may be your key to making your bedroom interiors perfect. Just make sure not to use very bold colours inside your bedroom instead go for subtle prints and designs.

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    A Catchy Light Fixture

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    A beautiful light fixture can add poise and glimmer to your room effortlessly. Nowadays a lot of beautiful designer light fixtures are available that can instantly add that appeal to your room and make it look regal and outstanding. Opt for a suitable light fixture by judging the proportions, colour, and design type of your room and there you go!

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